Headmaster’s Blog – Monday 24 September 2014

It’s the beginning of week 4 and term seems to be flying by. There was a happy buzz at the Welcome Evening for 1st Year and new 2nd and 3rd Year parents last week. Most importantly new parents had the chance to meet their son or daughter’s tutor and begin to build a constructive relationship which will be key in our partnership between school and home. This year we are rolling out the Parent Portal to all year groups, a move which I hope will provide plenty of useful information for parents to ponder.


Hustings took place in the Sixth Form common room. Candidates have been canvassing for election to the Sixth Form Association (SFA) which is an avenue for student voice to be heard and for our senior students to share in the leadership of the community. Talking of student leaders, I had my first Thursday morning breakfast of the year with Katie, Marina, James and James. I look forward to this time each week with our Head Girl and Head Boy and their two deputies. It’s a super opportunity to talk about school issues and as an effective bridge between students and staff.


In my assembly last week I shared my experience as a South African citizen who lived through the dismantling of apartheid and took part in the first ever democratic elections in 1994. I extended this theme to talk about the young 16, 17 and 18 year olds who have just voted in the Scottish referendum. I asked our students to reflect on how they would vote if there were ever to be a Cornish vote on independence. The scenes we have witnessed from Scotland in the last week have been really uplifting; massive engagement, huge voter turnout, respect for each individual’s right to make up their own mind. A triumph for democracy!


On Sunday, Mr Cucknall took the first gaggle of 1st Years to Minions for some team building. I am really pleased that we are, once again, making the most of this terrific facility on Bodmin Moor. Great to be building young characters through an appreciation of the great outdoors and the beauty all around us in the Duchy.


I look forward to welcoming our mums’and dads’ mums and dads this week for our Grandparents’ Tour and Tea. Teenage pupils tend not to be overly forthcoming in sharing information about school with Grannies and Grandpas so I’m more than happy to fill in some of the gaps!


Andrew Gordon-Brown