Headmaster's Blog Monday 20 January 2014

Christmas and New Year celebrations are now a distant memory and we have had a busy first fortnight.


Having had the opportunity last term to meet and talk to our Year 6 pupils at the Prep School, who are looking forward to ‘graduating’ up to the Senior School in September, I am having a thoroughly enjoyable time interviewing prospective pupils from other feeder schools. This coming Saturday will be a busy day with so many coming to sit the entrance exams. We will make sure there is fresh coffee and good company on tap in the Sixth Form cafe for parents to enjoy.


I have also been getting out and about visiting local schools and building relationships with other head teachers. Last week I was given a tour of a super primary school in St Ives by three pupils who hope to join us in September. What an impressive group of youngsters. Fostering links with other Cornish schools is important for us and it’s an added bonus to be shown around by prospective pupils.


The annual Captains’ Lunch in the Red Room has marked the start of the football season. Those boys given the honour of leading their team came together – U12 to U18 – for a lively lunch and discussion about the challenges of the coming term.


Getting back in the classroom this year has been a joy. I have been taking batches of careers lessons with our 5th Year students to talk about post-16 options. Each student has made a start with an action plan of required research and other steps to be taken to develop possible sight lines from their current positions into the workforce. As is normal, some have great clarity about their intended career routes, whilst others are still working to finalise A level subject choices. There is no need to feel undue pressure, as much support and guidance will be on hand over the coming weeks, months and years. Business lunches for the 5th years begin this coming Friday and flyers will be put up this week advertising the industry groups that will be represented.


I made the point to the 5th years in Chapel assembly last week that, if they achieve their targets, they are on course for some impressive GCSE results. There was a great deal of constructive conversation and feedback at the parents’ evening last week, and intervention plans are being put in place as required for those who need additional support.


Another action packed week awaits. We look forward to welcoming 3rd Year parents and I guess that many family, friends and teachers are looking forward to the first rehearsal of the Truro School Choral Society with anticipation.


Andrew Gordon-Brown