Headmaster’s Blog 2 May 2014

Today could be summarised thus: lots of food, lots of fun, lots of singing, but not much sun. We did, however, end the day with a campfire; stories, games and, of course, the compulsory roasting of marshmallows.

The children were all up early and raring to go following a good first night –which means they all went to sleep when told and stayed asleep for most of the night! Despite the rain this morning, the groups got on with their activities; zip wire, trapeze, shooting, archery, high ropes, challenge course, abseiling and climbing; and there were no complaints or moans, just lots of enthusiasm.

So far, all the pupils have been super, having a go at each activity and being supportive when waiting their turn. Even the Headmaster had a go at the Trapeze. See Milly Danielsen for the evidence and the entertaining backwards flip with which he ended his set piece; “ nil point” according to the judges on the ground.

The children are now settling for their second night, and whilst they all claim they are having a wonderful time, I suspect they will be very pleased to see you all tomorrow on their return!

Matthew Lovett
(Friday 1 May 2014)