Headmaster's Blog – 13 September 2014

The first full week of the new academic year is under our belts, and Truro School is off to a good start.  With 750 young faces now back and engaged, both inside and outside the classroom, our campus is certainly buzzing.  It’s lovely to see so many new pupils. It has been a particularly good year, with pupils recruited in good number at 11+, 13+ and 16+.   We have also enjoyed an injection of talented pupils selected into 4th Year to start their GCSE programme.


This year I continue to meet combined groups of 5th and Lower Sixth Form students over lunch in the Red Room. These commenced this week and with nearly one third of our Lower Sixth formers new to the school, there is an exciting dynamic in the Sixth Form community which I want the 5th Years to benefit from.   Discussion is always lively and it’s fertile ground in providing me with ideas to enhance the experience of our students.


I haven’t blogged about the terrific success our Upper Sixth leavers have had in securing places at universities of their choice.  Here goes…. The stats this year are as good as ever, and with new appointments made to Head up our Careers and University Admissions departments, I am excited about how we will continue to develop the advice and guidance we offer our pupils.  In the next couple of weeks I will be back in the classroom as part of a double act with Mrs Kenward, our Head of Careers.  We will be talking to the 5th Years about post-16 options and how best to bridge the gap between where they are now and the world of work.


We rolled out the red carpet this week for our visitor from The Good Schools Guide.  Their journalists always try and get under the skin of each school they write up and to get a feel for the culture and climate of the place.   We should receive a draft document in a couple of weeks’ time, but my spies on the ground tell me that the pupils who hosted our visitor were at their enthusiastic and unpretentious best.  I wouldn’t expect anything else.


And finally, a huge thank you to the band of former pupils who returned last weekend for our annual reunion weekend.  The class of ’94 certainly took the prize for the most festive dinner table, but the classes of ’04 and ’69, back for their 10th and 45th year reunions respectively, were also in fine spirits.  This year there was a rebel tour in the Chapel – I am very sorry that my powers of bi-location failed me because I believe the performance of Haydn’s Creation from scratch was outstanding.  All four soloists, the conductor and the orchestra lead were former pupils – great stuff!


Andrew Gordon-Brown