Headmaster Blog, Friday 4 March 2016

This year I represent the Headmasters of the schools in our group on the Methodist Independent Schools’ Trust. It has been fascinating having a seat at this table during what is an interesting time of expansion. The downside of this week’s day trip to London for a MIST meeting was that I was sat on a plan from Gatwick to Newquay while the Junior Charity Concert was in full swing. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this event which was totally student led. So, my expectations were high when I took my seat in the Burrell on the following night, this time for the Senior Charity Concert. The concert was packed, the performers were amazing and I loved the atmosphere of support as the audience cheered on their friends (it’s a nerve wracking thing to take centre stage in front of one’s peers). The Sixth Form students seem to have the knack of injecting a bit of risqué humour into proceedings, but staying on the right side of the line. Read more here: http://www.truroschool.com/senior/departments/music/junior-music-concert-raises-600-for-cornwall-hospice-care/


I took a call this week from a journalist from The Guardian asking for my view on the recent petition signed by a group of doctors, academics and health experts, arguing for a ban on tackling in rugby. We had a pretty sensible discussion about the importance of being mindful of the medical evidence, making sensible adaptations to the game, but also of the fact that there will always be a certain amount of risk in sporting endeavours. I looked back on a recent blog (see HM blog 16th January) when I made the point that rugby (and sport generally) is so much more than a game on a pitch. In the context of my own experience, I know that competitive rowing has had a more powerful positive impact on my life than almost anything else, even though I now live with a rather dodgy lower back as a result. Here is the article: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/mar/02/rugby-football-union-ignoring-risk-tackling-schools which also includes comments from our Captain of Rugby and Upper Sixth student, Robert Grigg.


I had somewhat of an identity crisis on Thursday evening. After a long day at school, starting with a spinning class in the SBA at 7am and breakfast with my head prefects at 8am, I ended the day in our orchestra room for a TS Choral Society rehearsal. By the time the rehearsal ended at 9.30pm my voice was decidedly croaky – I couldn’t work out whether I was a bass or a tenor! My crisis aside, do put Wednesday 23rd March in your diaries when the Nine Choirs of Truro School (yes, nine) are coming together to perform in support of the Mayor of Truro who is raising money to support homeless people in our city.


My week ended on a cheerful note as I popped my head into the junior disco last night. I politely declined one invitation to get onto the floor and “throw some moves”, retreating instead for a glass of red over dinner.


Looking ahead, for all the 4th Year and above I would encourage you to go along to our bi-annual Careers Convention in the Old Sports Hall on Wednesday 16 March from 5.30pm, for further details please click here: http://www.truroschool.com/senior/latest-news/upcoming-careers-convention-on-16-march/. It is a great opportunity to speak to over 60 professionals from a wide spectrum of industries. Great careers education and guidance is something we want to be a really distinctive feature of life at Truro School.


Andrew Gordon-Brown, Truro School Headmaster