Harley Wins Bronze in Judo

Just before the Christmas break, 1st Year’s Harley won a bronze medal at the Cornish Christmas Open Judo Competition.


(Photograph courtesy of Peter Nowakowski, Truro Judo Club)


Entering his first competition for more than a year, Harley gained his medal with the throw of the day at Polkyth Leisure Centre, St. Austell.


Judo means “gentle-way” in Japanese and is an Olympic throwing martial art. By gripping the judo uniform, participants use the force of balance, power and movement to attempt to throw an opponent.


The young Judoka started his Judo career at Truro School Prep where he successfully competed to win Silver in the Cornish Open two years ago. Other sporting commitments have prevented him from competing recently. After continuing to train hard at the Prep School improving his throwing technique, he recently joined Truro Judo Club on moving to the Senior School.


This should allow him to develop all aspects of his Judo and give him the opportunity to successfully enter more competitions. Well done Harley!


Rob Piper

Judo Coach


From the Prep School, Jason won Gold in the U34kg and Reuben won Bronze in the U38Kg.


You can see more images from Truro Judo Club on their Facebook