Going bananas over spelling

26 year five and six children took part in the Truro Prep School Bananagrams spelling challenge this month.

In the competition, running for the first time this year, pupils pitted their wits against themselves, each other and the clock, to try and compile as many words as possible using scrabble style letter tiles. Games ended when there were fewer tiles than players left – with the first player finishing an interlocking grid of words shouting: “Bananas!”


The contest began with heats in groups of three in lunchtime sessions. As events unpeeled Heath, Rose, Ben T, Kit , Adeline, Sofie , Joanna and Soumya reached the quarter finals.


There was no monkey business in the semis, with Heath, Kit, Soumya and Sofie lining up in an even year five and six split. Kit and Sofie fought a tense final encounter, with Kit avoiding any slip-ups to win the ‘Pick of the Bunch’ school title with words including ‘hosanna’ and ‘fret’. One teacher was overheard saying, ‘Never in a month of sundaes would I have expected some of those words.’


The challenge, run by bananagramschallenge.co.uk, features school level rounds in February, with the school winner progressing to a national round competing online against pupils from other schools. In March, the top 12 players on the national leader board will travel to London to play in the Grand Final where the winner will be crowned ‘Top Banana’.


The game appeals to young and old and is a great way to encourage spelling, word recognition and language development. For more details see: https://bananagramschallenge.co.uk/about-bananagrams/.