Gingerbread Week: Crafting a Story

It has been an absolute delight this week to see how the children in Year 1 learn how to craft a story.


Following on from a wonderful Show and Tell session by Roberts in 1ER about how to make a gingerbread snowman, the children were keen to learn more about gingerbread.


Mrs Randall read the story of The Christmas Gingerbread to stimulate their ideas. Hot seating, role play and lots and lots of discussion in their classes went on throughout the week. The children even baked and decorated their very own gingerbread house, so they would understand the smells and texture of gingerbread. They thoroughly enjoyed deciding how best to share it fairly with each other today in a Year Group picnic.


In literacy lessons, the children followed a story map and created and innovated their own ideas about the adventures their runaway gingerbread people could have. The children each have specific targets for their learning and it is pleasing how each child is trying so hard to meet that target when writing. The children have produced the most wonderful stories this week and, if you have a moment, do take time to come and have a read!


In the words of Archie: “literacy this week has been just amazing because I loved writing the story and eating the gingerbread.”


Thank you to Mrs Randall and Miss Searle for planning such a fun filled and exciting week.


Sarah Hudson

Head of Pre-Prep