Geology Taster Day for Year 5

52 Year 5 pupils from Truro Prep attended a Geology Taster Day at Truro School on Tuesday 2nd June. Following an introduction in Heath Hall by Head of Geology, Ian Kenyon, the pupils were divided into four groups and embarked on separate mini-field excursions around the campus to discover the range of geological materials used to construct the School buildings and environs.
Arriving at the Geology rooms, the pupils followed a four part carousel for the duration of the morning with each session being delivered by a different geology specialist. Mr Vanstone explored the origins of igneous rocks and explained why some volcanoes are much more dangerous and explosive than others. Mr Church conducted a forensic ‘whodunit’ investigation using microscopes, sand samples, photographs and witness statements. Mrs Gill explained how different types of fossils were formed and the students were guided through making their own plaster cast fossils. Mr Kenyon distinguished between fact and fiction with regards to dinosaurs and students measured dinosaur footprints and trackways to discover details of dinosaur anatomy and movement.
Geology Day at Truro Prep School, Cornwall
Mr Vanstone concluded with a plenary session on the Geology of Cornwall before goodie bags containing a piece of meteorite, a quartz crystal, dinosaur model, maps and activity and fact sheets were issued to all the pupils. The Geology staff were delighted with the attitude and enthusiasm shown by the Year 5 pupils throughout the morning and they look forward to running the event again at the same time next year.