Full of Beans in the Nursery

It’s just non- stop action in a nursery P.E. session – and so much fun.


Today the children started with an energetic and dynamic warm up. The challenge was to be a variety of beans; jumping beans, broad beans, balancing beans, chilly beans and my favourite -‘beans on toast’!


They then practised holding a balance for several seconds before trying out balancing on wobble boards. This was the first time they had used this piece of equipment and it was amazing to see how every child was so determined and sustained such wonderful focus during this task. After a few goes, the children were able to attempt an action song on a wobble board and walk across a river of extremely wobbly stepping stones. It was so lovely to see our very youngest children in the Pre-Prep listening carefully and working co-operatively with their partner, demonstrating skills way beyond their years.


There were squeals of excitement as the children then had a lively game of ‘sending and receiving’, by rolling quoits to each other before ending with some circle games and a gentle cool down. After such an energetic hour it was back to Nursery ready for a well-earned snack.


As a Head Teacher, it is always a delight to see children across the Pre-Prep so engaged in challenging activities and being so well supported in their learning.


Sarah Hudson

Head of Pre-Prep