Date Posted... Jun 24th 2019

Truro Prep School Sports Day 2019

If success can be measured in smiles, then this was a highly successful occasion.

‘My kids loved it.’ Zoe Jobling (Parent of Harry, Evelyn and Maya).


‘It made me smile when all the parents wore wigs or even dressed completely in their child’s house colour.’ (Billy, Year 6)


This year, there was tremendous parental support for the request to wear an item of their child’s house colour. In particular, wigs and accessories were a big trend. As usual, Josie Macdonald, didn’t let us down – dressed in green, from head to toe, to support her daughter’s house: School.

There was plenty to watch. Each child participated in the following eight events:

60m / 75m sprint, 60m hurdles, 400m / 600m, long jump, high jump, vortex throw, 4 x 50m relay and tug-of-war.


‘Sprint, hurdles and high jump are my favourite events.’ (Charlie S, Year 6)


‘I enjoyed sprinting this year because it was against people of a similar ability.’ (Max, Year 6)


‘The sight of lunch made me run even faster in the 600m.’ (Roberts, Year 6)


Did you know? Our incredible team of staff on the track events organised 94 heats and 16 finals in just four hours.


‘It was a very energetic day. I liked all the different events. My favourite was the 600m because I came first. I got stickers in the sprints and the 600m.’ (Leon, Year 6)


Have you heard? This year, stickers were awarded to any child winning their heat on the track. Each sticker is worth three house points, which is then added to SIMS for the house totals.


‘I liked it when Miles cheered me on, when I raced in the hurdles.’ (Alex, Year 6)


It was heart-warming to watch the children encourage and support each other at the different events.

The sporting values of respect, honesty, determination, passion, teamwork and self-belief were clearly evident throughout the day.


A big thank you to Mr C Dower, Mr M Goddard, Mr R Simmons and Miss R Nicholls for preparing the field. Also, to Mrs S McIntosh and her team for their help with the preparations and refreshments. And finally, to a brilliant team of staff for their help with judging, timing and measuring the various track and field events.


Sports Day 2019: Victor/ Victrix Ludorum

Year 3

Victrix: Sanna
Victor: James

Year 4

Victrix: Lilly
Victor: Felix

Year 5

Victrix: Beth
Victor: Woody

Year 6

Victrix: Alice
Victor: Felix


Sports Day 2019: Overall House Results

 Could it have been any closer than this? Congratulations to Smith.

School Smith Vinter Wickett
Overall Points 310 328 303 323
Overall Position 3rd 1st 4th 2nd

Sports Day 2019: New School Records

Year 3

Boys’ 400m: James H (1:21.91 min)

Year 4

Girls’ 60m Hurdles: Lilly L (11.38s) – equalled school record