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A word from the Chairman

In 1999, Guy Dodd as Headmaster was instrumental in the formation of the original Truro School Endowment Fund. In 2015, at the request of the Headmaster, Andrew Gordon-Brown, he brought together the current Trustees of the Truro School Foundation (TSF) to continue the work, with Guy at the helm. The Endowment Fund was officially renamed Truro School Foundation in 2016.  Having served us so well, Guy has now returned to his retirement and as of January 2020, I now have the honour of following in his footsteps and beginning my time as Chairman of the Foundation.

With social mobility one of the key challenges of the 21st century, in the last five years, Truro School Foundation has given £574,160 to the School, enabling them to provide means-tested bursaries to pupils and help give them the opportunity to change their lives and contribute positively to their families, communities and society as a whole.  The alumni are testament to what individuals can achieve when they come together, through Truro School. The amounts donated come from a combination of existing funds and new contributions.

So as I begin, on behalf of myself and my fellow Trustees, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed so far.  We never forget that we exist to help change children’s lives and, in turn, make the world a better place. Your generosity and support is vital to enabling us to achieve our goals and we have so much more to do and so many more children that we would like to help.

So please, support us if you can.

Graham Hooper

Parent of Alumni

The Gift of Education – For Future Generations

Truro School is committed to giving access to a Truro School education to as many children as possible, regardless of parental means. In order to do this the school already offers a small number of bursaries. We aim to augment these with our Foundation Awards: for boys and girls who we believe will thrive in the Truro School environment but due to family circumstances require full or part assistance with school fees. They will have the understanding, commitment and willingness to make a significant contribution to the life of Truro School, positively influencing others along the way.

The Truro School Foundation has taken on the challenge of extending the School’s bursary programme. It brings together members of the whole School community who share my belief that we should commit ourselves to educating talented and enthusiastic young people. At Truro School they will have the opportunity to develop existing talents, find new ones and achieve their ambitions.

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