Fencing: Truro School Pupils Dominate at the Season’s Opening Events

Many congratulations go to Caitlin Maxwell who at just 14 years old has won the Hamlet senior women’s sabre event. She fought well through the early rounds and beat some very experienced senior women on the way to her first senior victory. Maria Chart finished 6th and Millie Smith 24th in this one of the toughest sabre events on the domestic calendar. In the men’s senior event Will Deary finished 12th, Josh Maxwell 25th and Jamie Craze 85th. In the under 17 events also on the same weekend, Catilin won the girls event too with Maria 3rd and Millie 10th, whilst Will won the boys event, with Josh 3rd and Jamie 12th.


Whilst the sabre was held in London, the foilists travelled to the Essex Open, where Yvonne Chart finished in a very solid last 16 place, and competing on the Sunday also she secured a last 8 finish in London. Both of these are very encouraging for the season’s opening competitions.