Fencing Summary – Weekend of 9 and 10 November

This weekend saw the épée and foil international campaigns start for Yvonne Chart and Charles Dean.


Yvonne competed at an U20 European circuit foil event in Luxemburg and whilst still only 17, this was an experience building competition. She finished 72nd out of 76 fencers.


Charles Dean travelled to Bonn for an U17 European épée event, hoping to capitalise on his win last weekend. He won three fights in his first poole and four in his second, taking a strong seeding into the elimination rounds. Whilst fencing confidently in the early stages, Charles was eliminated in 15-11 by a formidable German opponent. He finished the day 73rd in a field of 204 fencers.


Lucy Jupp

Co-ordinator of Spanish and Fencing Coach