Fencing Summary – Week Beginning: 7 October 2013

This last week has seen two competitions for our fencers. On Wednesday, an U13 team travelled to Humphry Davy school. The team of Luke Haynes (captain), James Kincaid, Henry Hurst and Sophie Clark fought a far more experienced HDS team, but their composure and technically high level of fencing saw them win 45-39.


Over the weekend, a GB team made up of Will Deary, Josh Maxwell, Jamie Craze, Alex Boote, Bertie Holdsworth, Caitlin Maxwell and Raoul Bonah (competing for Germany) travelled to Godollo in Hungary for the toughest event of the European international U17 circuit. Unfortunately, due to a mid-week training injury, Maria Chart was declared unfit by the physio and was forced to miss the event.


In the men’s individual event – out of 202 fencers – Will finished 27th, Raoul 53rd, Josh 75th, Jamie 107th, Bertie 179th and Alex 188th. In the women’s individual event, Caitlin Maxwell finished 52nd.


On the Sunday, the team events dominated the proceedings. With the absence of Maria, a depleted GB women’s team finished 21st. However, the men’s GB team (made up of three Truro School fencers; Will Deary, Josh Maxwell and Jamie Craze) demolished all in front of them. They beat a formidable German national team, before moving through a team from St. Petersburg (Russia B) winning 45-44. This was followed by beating Belarus 45-41 and finally toppling the power house of European fencing – the Russian national side – 45-44 to make it through to the final. They eventually lost to the USA team.


To take silver in this event is a fantastic achievement and to beat Russia’s A and B sides on the way to the final is the icing on the cake, showing their European competitors that they are ready for the season ahead and are the ones to watch.


Lucy Jupp

Co-ordinator of Spanish and Fencing Coach