Fencing Summary – Week Beginning 2 December

This weekend our fencers were scattered far and wide across the country and Europe. Y. Chart travelled to Sheffield for the Senior British Championships. She fought women who were greatly experienced and older, but she kept a calm head all day, fencing confidently and intelligently. She finished in a very impressive 7th place in the foil event, which is an outstanding achievement for a 17 year old in a senior field.


The U17 sabres travelled to the fencing powerhouse of Göppingen, Hungary, for the latest European Circuit event. There were seven Truro School pupils who made up part of the GB men’s and women’s teams. In the women’s event, there were 170 fencers competing and C. Maxwell finished 118th, M. Smith 104th and M. Chart achieved a fantastic 64th place.


In the men’s event there were 196 competitors. J. Craze finished 120th, J. Maxwell 60th and R. Bonah made his first break into the final stages of a European competition finishing in 8th place. W. Deary fenced calmly all day taking a strong 41st place seeding after the poole rounds. He then fenced consistently all the way through to the quarter final where he finished 7th. This is a strong result which continues to cement his place as one of Europe’s best fencers, currently ranking him 3rd in Europe.


Lucy Jupp
Fencing Coach