Fencing – Sports Report – 1 September 2015

The first Under 20 National circuit event of the season saw great results from our fencers who have been training hard all summer in preparation for the season.

Women’s Under 20 Sabre

In the Women’s Under 20 Sabre, Caiti Maxwell claimed gold adding this title to her current ranking of European Under 17 number 1. Maria Chart took the bronze medal. Lily Wood finished in 10th with Jenna Bray in 19th and Keely Rodda in 25th.

Men’s Under 20 Sabre

In the Men’s Under 20 Sabre, former pupil Will Deary took gold with Jamie Craze claiming bronze. Nick Howes, a newcomer to the Sixth Form, finished 5th with Josh Maxwell in 7th. Youngsters Luke Haynes and Bertie Holdsworth, finished 20th and 21st respectively with Alex Boote and Sam Boorne finishing 36th and 49th.