Fencing Report – Week Beginning Monday 26 October

Camden International Sabre Event

At the Camden International sabre event last weekend our fencers were pitted against Europe’s finest once again.
In the women’s sabre event Lily Wood finished in 41st with Jenna Bray in 31st and Molly Wood in 26th. In the men’s sabre event Luke Haynes finished in 51st with Alex Boote in 47th. Bertie Holdsworth continued his run of good form with a 14th place finish and Jamie Craze, fresh after a time out due to injury, returned to strong form with a 10th place finish.

Womens’ Senior Sabre in New Orleans

Maria Chart and Caitlin Maxwell were competing at the womens’ senior sabre event in Orleans, their first senior call up and one for building experience. This event showed them where they need to be as the other women make their final preparations for Rio. Caitlin had a tough day finishing in 163rd place. Maria made a strong start, winning several poole fights before losing her DE to finish in 125th.