A Feast for the Senses!

What a day we had in Pre-Prep yesterday! It started with Sue Harold and her guide dog Polly visiting to talk to us all during assembly, about life as a registered blind person. We were all absolutely enthralled at the wonderful close and intuitive relationship Sue and Polly have and the children asked a huge amount of questions; our assembly could quite happily have run all morning and it was fascinating to see how throughout the day the children wanted to talk, play and share what they’d learned from this assembly. The children are now looking forward to wearing their home clothes on Friday and bringing in one pound to help raise money for the Guide Dogs Association.


In the afternoon we were delighted to welcome John Dyer and Joanne Short into our Pre-Prep department. The children in Year 4 came to join us as John spoke about his work as Artist in Residence for the Tall Ships Regatta in Falmouth, to be held at the end of August. He modelled how he would create a painting and we are extremely fortunate to have his ‘5 minute painting’ on display in the Pre-Prep!


John and Joanne were quite simply inspirational in the way that they engaged with the children in Year 2 and helped them create their very own paintings about the Tall Ships. Both he and the children worked barefoot, in order to help their creative flow and the children have produced work of an exceptional standard. The constructive buzz and excitement in the department was incredible and John was keen that we submit this work to his website. John and Joanne were extremely impressed with the level of focus and engagement shown by the children.


The children in Year 1 plan to build their very own tall ship in the library next week out of junk model materials and we look forward to sharing in the work that the children in Year 4 will shortly be doing on this exciting project. Do take a moment to look at some of the photos of this wonderful afternoon on the website.


Sarah Hudson

Head of Pre-Prep