Famous Author Christopher Lloyd Visits Truro Prep

Children’s author and historian Christopher Lloyd visited Truro Prep School on Wednesday 20 January to run an interactive workshop on Shakespeare. Mr Lloyd first taught Years Two, Three and Four in the Pre-Prep Hall followed by a second presentation to Years Five and Six later in the day.
Using the What on Earth? Wallbook of Shakespeare, Mr Lloyd helped children to understand the history of Shakespeare, touching upon the time that King James the First came to the throne and the rise of theatre productions. Pupils also learnt exactly how many plays Shakespeare wrote (48 in case you are wondering), as well as which ones were non-fictional and which ones were made up.
Mr Tolkien, English Coordinator at Truro Prep School said:

“I invited Christopher to Truro Prep because he has a unique ability to instil enthusiasm and spark creative links in the minds of children. His visual and narrative approach feeds the hidden demographic of pupils who enjoy finding things out, but not necessarily just through reading and literacy. His innovative cross-curricular and whole brain delivery, highlighting the positive effects of choice, really grabs those learners whose favourite subject perhaps isn’t English.
Christopher’s rollercoaster of facts and interlinking themes and his energetic passion wowed key stage one and key stage pupils alike, and English teachers were treated to an inspiring inset session exploring how to use timelines and story in teaching. An extremely well attended book signing followed.”