Eldred at the City of Lights  

Last week saw the wonderful City of Lights parade once again illuminate the streets of Truro. This year the parade commemorated the First World War Centenary with the theme of Heroes.


This year’s design team, which comprised of Lower Sixth’s Patrick Thomas, Kieron Li and Piran Fisher and assisted by Art Teacher Mrs Joines, constructed a faceless figure which they named Eldred; after the first fallen solider in the First World War from Truro School.


As well as the moving armed figure, the lower school team and 10 members of the Prep School worked together to create poppy lanterns to follow Eldred, and a huge heart they adorned with more poppies. Among the poppies sat poignant black and white photographs of Truro School pupils and teachers who had fought in the First World War.


Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown said: “All of the pupils involved did us proud and the parade was a huge success, a great atmosphere and with many fantastic lanterns, big and small. Christmas Season has officially started.”