Cosmic Transforms the Heseltine Staircase

Renowned artist Cosmic has transformed the Heseltine Gallery steps. Following an ideas session with pupils the week before, Cosmic spent five days on a cherry-picker in the sun, creating a colourful mural to brighten up the grey concrete of the staircase.


Anoushka from 4th Year took part in the all-day workshop run by Cosmic. She said, “We started with doodling to get in the right frame of mind. We passed a sheet round and each drew an image of whatever we wanted. Cosmic taught us how to spray paint, and we worked together to create concepts for the piece. As we talked about ideas, Cosmic drew images and designs that captured what we were imagining.” When asked what she took away from the day, she commented, “I feel like I have gained another medium for my art and I have learnt that even if you make a mistake it can be good, as it adds to the effect and can move your art in a different direction.”


Cosmic, who works in Cornwall and beyond, said: “I love using spray paint as I feel the art flow direct from the can onto the wall. I have been working with it since I was about 12 years old. Murals are great as the space enables people’s imagination to explore different art concepts. To me, the most important thing is the relationship with the visual imagery and involving other people’s visual ideas; I am more fluent in a visual language than a verbal one.”


The artwork was unveiled on Friday 16 May at the Private View of Flow State, an exhibition exploring the art and cultural connections between surfing and skateboarding. Cosmic encouraged everyone to participate in a live painting session.


The exhibition saw renowned names in the worlds of surf, skateboarding and graffiti celebrating the artistic expression throughout these popular cultures of the South West. Artists, board makers, ceramicists, photographers, and filmmakers included Sam Lamiroy, Ben Cook, Kevin Cooper, Craig Bracefield, John Eldridge, Muju, Russell O’Connor, Leo Sharp, Mickey Smith and Jed Stone.


Truro School Headmaster, Mr Gordon-Brown, is delighted with Cosmic’s work. He commented: “The mural is an excellent and fitting piece of art for the stairs to the Heseltine Gallery. He has transformed this area of the school into a place of light and colour. Our thanks must go to the Friends of Truro School who commissioned Cosmic to create the mural.”


You can see more pictures of the staircase and from the Private Viewing in our gallery.


Watch the transformation from start to finish on our YouTube channel.


Flow State will run until Saturday 14 June 2014. Gallery Opening times are Monday – Friday 5.00pm -7.00pm, Saturdays 11.00am – 5.00pm and by appointment: 01326 210730