Connor Speaks at Exeter University

On Saturday 15 March, Upper Sixth’s Connor Donnithorne spoke at Exeter University about the Conservative movement in the months before the European elections and the next General Election.


Connor says: “I spoke on behalf of the British-Conservative non-partisan think-tank that I went to the USA with last summer, established in July 2003, to ‘help train tomorrow’s centre-right leaders and activists today’.”


Connor spoke on the need to return principle and purpose to the Conservative movement. He says: “I believe we are most successful when we are putting in place real Conservative policies; low-tax, small government and capitalist policies.”


Before engaging in a panel discussion, Connor closed his speech with:


“Let us take the fight to the people. Let us restore real Conservative principles. Let us stand united, under principle and purpose, to see the Conservative movement the natural movement of the people, once again.”


Here he is pictured with his fellow speakers at the event.


In October last year,  Connor immersed himself in the world of politics, at a Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.