Connor Shines at Conservative Party Conference

Upper Sixth student, Connor, has just returned from immersing himself in the world of politics, at a Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. He worked with good friend and MP for Bournemouth West, Conor Burns, and engaged in discussions with Education Secretary Michael Gove, and Home Secretary Theresa May.


He said: “Being at the heart of influence over Conservative policies and decision makers creates this unusual buzz; it is as if you are actually making a difference.” This ‘unusual buzz’ was highlighted by a large police presence, and an email notifying Connor of a large protest awaiting their arrival.


“It felt a long way from the young boy that once stood and delivered a small speech in a local village hall,” he said of the protest, which did nothing to faze him. It was during an interview with the protest in the background, that he reiterated his strong support for the party.


Connor became involved in politics aged just nine, after finding success in a school council election. He was invited to address a local group of party members – including Party Leader David Cameron – and went on to visit him in Westminster.


Almost immediately after touching down back in Cornwall, Connor went to share his experiences in an assembly with 3rd Year pupils: “I find it important to promote political interest without the interruption of party politics,” he said.