Connor is Regional Chairman of SW Conservative Future

The Sixth Form’s Connor Donnithorne has been appointed Regional Chairman of South West Conservative Future and is now on the Regional Board for the Conservative Party.


He said: “I am delighted. The South West is a region that we need to turn blue at the next election to secure a Conservative majority. I have already lined up visits to constituencies around the region, from Stroud, to Bristol and more locally, in St Ives. I am looking forward to organising and running a dedicated team of thousands of Conservative Future members around the region.”


Former Regional Chairman of CF, Toby Elliott, said in a letter to all members: “Conservative Future is one of the most effective forces within the Conservative Party. I trust Connor is the best person to organise CF in the South West to help secure the Conservative majority Government that Britain needs”.


National Chairman of Conservative Future Oliver Cooper, added: “I know Connor well and consequently know that he will do a fantastic job in the role.”