Charity Day Supports Surfers Against Sewage

Today’s Charity Day is in aid of Surfers Against Sewage. Dom Ferris, their education officer, spoke to the 1-3rd Years on Wednesday and the 4th  Year on Thursday while our very own Miss Gould (pictured), who is a volunteer for SAS, talked to the 6th Form this morning. She spoke of the damage that litter causes to marine wildlife and the positive changes we can make ourselves to improve the situation.


Nancy Kenward, Charity Committee at Truro School, said: “Plastic bottles can take between 250 and 100 years to decompose, and Cornwall’s beaches sadly show the huge amount of litter which is dumped in the sea each week. 40 students helped with The Big Beach Clean in March and we look forward to supporting SAS in the future.”


Pupils in the lower years are also doing their bit this term, creating art out of beach litter that they find around Cornwall.