Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

The Chemistry Department received a number of certificates for students who have been awarded various prizes in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge paper.


This is an incredibly difficult and academically rigorous paper and the Lower Sixth students who participated have worked very hard in Chemistry this year. In particular Cambridge have said that a mark of 27 or above was considered “very good indeed and demonstrated a significant leap beyond AS level”.


Two of our students achieved this and were awarded the Gold Certificate: James Richardson and Hugo Heard.


The following are the list of students with awards:

Molly Long – Copper Award

Megan Dalton – Copper Award

Will Holmes – Copper Award

Yvonne Chart – Copper Award

Chloe White – Silver Award

Milan Ding – Silver Award

Louise Myers – Silver Award

James Richardson – Gold Award

Hugo Heard – Gold Award


Anna Brogden

Head of Chemistry