G A G Dodd, Headmaster 1993 to 2001

Book of Condolence

Robert Parfett

A truly great Headmaster, and a friend.


Alex Menary

Guy was a superb headmaster, with an encouraging but firm word for the occasionally unruly like me who needed a push in the right direction every now and then. My parents used to bump into him down at Mylor Harbour and he always asked after me, nearly 20 years after I’d left! He was decent and kind, and will be sorely missed.

Rachael O’Rourke

So sorry to hear the news of Mr Dodd’s passing. He was a true figurehead at the school, a kind and thoughtful leader who challenged and inspired us all. Not only recognising when his pupils needed a guiding push to reach our potential, he also knew how and when to meet situations with a sense of humour. The first time I met him as a new pupil in 1998 was one of the trickiest interviews of my life, but also one of the most warm and encouraging – and it’s this warmth I particularly remember. My family also have very fond memories of Mr Dodd, and all of us send our condolences to his loved ones.

Andy Johnson

Dear Helen, Angus, Tom and Janie,

I am keen to extend my condolences to you all despite not having had the privilege of meeting Guy. I will be arriving in Truro this September as the School’s new Head and hence follow in Guy’s important footsteps. Guy was one of the first people to write to me when I was appointed. It was a lovely, warm, heartfelt letter of congratulations that meant a lot to me when I received it. It means all the more to me now, and I shall always cherish it. My privilege will not be to have known Guy in person, but to be able to work with you to help ensure that he is suitably remembered by the School once the timing is appropriate. My warmest regards to you all.

Stuart & Helen Mathieson

We send our condolences to Mr Dodd’s family. He was an inspirational leader and a role model for the students. He knew our boys well and gave them advice and guidance at every step. When our oldest son died at the age of 30, his words to us were personal, thoughtful and meaningful. We won’t forget the influence he had on our children and the trust we had in him.

Peter and Penny Rogers

Meeting Guy for the first time, in his role as Headmaster of Truro School, he was charming and reassuring. Later we found that he was also a man supportive of his students, of unnerving memory, of positivity and great good humour, of boundless energy and commitment, and of diplomatic skills, all endowing him with a natural authority and gravitas, and gaining him much respect.

It has been a privilege to know this gifted man. His death will be a loss to us all, and Cornwall, as many other places, will be much the poorer.

Frances Watson

It is with great fondness that I remember Mr Dodd as my headmaster. We arrived at the school in the same year, as I was joining the sixth form. He was kind, thoughtful and a leader that I had great respect for. I was so sorry to learn of his passing away and send my sympathies to his family. Thinking of him prompts a smile and I hope those he leaves behind will take some comfort and great pride from knowing how many lives he affected and improved for the better.

Dan Regan

Guy was headmaster during my time at Truro School and he served as an inspiration to me both at that time, and to the present day. Both gentle and strong, modest, with the highest of morals and, most importantly, he truly cared. One of the key role models that formed my approach to life and to how I treat others. Incredibly saddened and upset by this terrible news. The world has lost a truly great man.

Michael Veal

I am so sorry to hear the news, and my condolences go to Guy’s family. He told me that I was the first Truro School pupil that he ever met, and it was a privilege to have been educated in a school that he steered forward with enthusiasm, dedication and skill.

Martin Wesley

It is thanks to this great man that I am where I am today and have never stopped being grateful for the lessons I learnt from him through my education. I will never forget the effort that he made to support me as a student and the fact that he came to visit me in New Zealand in his first year or retirement. A true gentleman and the finest Headmaster I have ever known. On behalf of all students that were under his care, thank you!

Natalie Roberts (Penny / Walters)

So sad to hear of the passing of Mr Dodd.. I remember him from my time at Truro School with great fondness. He was a lovely man. Sending my deepest sympathy to his family and friends at this time

Connie Schneider

Oh, Mr. Dodd!   You were the first person I looked up to, when I came to Truro School as a young German exchange student in 1993, instrumental in my decision to stay on for my A-levels, and were a guiding light throughout my two years there and beyond. You always took a keen interest in all of us, making us feel heard and inspiring us to live up to the expectations you held in us. You asked about my university applications and my extra-curricular activities. How you ever managed to remember all of these names and personal facts…

Unforgotten the receptions you organised for Sixth-Formers in your residence (one particularly memorable one springs to mind, where I managed to utter out loud a rude phrase I had picked up in the Common room, oblivious to its real meaning. Thank god you took it with humour and turned it into a learning opportunity – those words never crossed my lips again ;)).

The impact you had on my life is reflected by the fact that my entire family remembers you very fondly. Genuinely, I think there have been at most three teachers in my life and across multiple schools and degrees where this is the case, and you are one of them.

I feel privileged that I had the good fortune to cross paths with you again on the last day of term in 2014 and have a picture of that day with Helen and you, which I will treasure. I had so hoped for another encounter at a future visit to the school.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Helen, your children, your colleagues and staff who worked closely with you over the years, and of course all of the students whose lives you impacted. I do hope that your family will find some comfort in knowing that your legacy will live on in so many people.

Today is a very sad day.

Much love, in sadness, from Cornelia/Connie

Robert Parfett

A true gentleman. A man who was utterly honest. I consider myself lucky to have known him.

Pete Banfield

Such horrid news to hear. Mr Dodd was a true gentleman, someone who would listen, someone who would encourage but most of all, someone who cared deeply about every student who had the privilege to call him ‘Sir’. A tragic loss to the whole school community, my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time.

Costa Manolchev

I met Mr Dodd in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the late-summer of 1999. Although the purpose of the meeting was a scholarship interview, it felt like meeting an old friend. We talked literature and politics and although many years have passed since, I have never forgotten this first impression. Mr Dodd was a mentor, an inspiration and the consummate scholar and gentleman. He had the rare ability to put anyone at ease and make anyone feel welcome. Whenever he met and spoke with us, the students it was clear he remembered details of previous conversations, even details we ourselves had forgotten. Mr Dodd cared. and, with all due respect to his worthy Headmaster successors, for me he was – and remains – Truro School. Sincere condolences to his family.

Anthony Oliver

Truly saddened by the news and I offer my deepest condolences to his friends and family. He was a gentleman, a kind soul and so inspiring to me on a personal level. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Marc Gregory

I first met Guy while doing a short spell of teaching at Cheltenham College in 1980 where he was a housemaster. We were glad to meet again as colleagues in Truro. He guided the school through a difficult period, and his fair and honest dealings with people gave the school renewed confidence in its future. I recall his thought-provoking whole school assemblies, a particularly inspiring one about the explorer Nansen. Having left TS, I continued to meet Guy at the cathedral, where I had been a member of the choir, when he was always interested in news of my family. We were having lunch at the end of the pontoon of the Pandora Inn one weekend when a sizeable yacht tied up and Guy and Helen stepped off in front of us. He was clearly enjoying his retirement, and we are very sad that it has ended in such an untimely fashion. Sincere condolences to Helen and the family.

Lt Col Richard Harmer RA (89-96)

Please accept my most sincere condolences. My fondest memories of my time at Truro link to Mr Dodd‘s tenure. He truly believed in us all and he made me believe there was nothing I couldn’t do. A wonderful man, Charlotte (nee Hocking (94-96)) and I are so very sorry and remember him with nothing but fondness and the utmost respect.

Mark Regan

Guy was the dearest of humans. A truly amazing man that was so incredible he knew everyone that came to the school. He has my eternal thanks for allowing my children Daniel & Linzi to become, as in his own words, thoroughly rounded individuals. He will be so sadly missed. A true inspiration and exceptional man. Our thoughts are with all the family but pride can be taken in his legacy of great school leadership


Guy was a great bloke, who inspired trust in him as a pupil when he spoke. He always seemed fair and reasonable about things and I remember I was once called into his office as I was in trouble about something. He gave me the opportunity to explain and as soon as he heard my side he ‘dropped the charges’ and was kind because he could see I had been ‘set up’ and was also a victim in the proceedings. I loved him for that. He had a lot of natural warmth to his character and no one ever said snide things about him – he was respected! RIP Guy.

Robert Cowie

I am truly shocked and saddened by this news. Despite the fact that our sons had left the school quite a number of years ago, he never failed to ask how they were doing and what they were up to. A very caring man, will be truly missed.

Richard Moore

I have nothing but the fondest memories of Guy. A warm, loving and intelligent man, full of fun and enthusiasm for his profession, his many students and for life, particularly for sailing. He will be missed by anyone who knew him. I shall always remember him with admiration and gratitude.

Karen Warne

As a family we all remember Guy Dodd with huge affection. He had a wonderful smile, can do attitude to life and was always enthusiastic about the boys school progress.

He was generous and enormously kind to everyone. He took end of term” muck up “ days in his stride however bizarre they were at times!
He will be truly missed.

Our condolences and thoughts and prayers go to his lovely wife Helen and all the family.

Angelica Sheldon-Fentem

I am very sorry to hear of Mr Dodd’s death, my daughter was at the school at this time. My best wishes to Mrs Dodd and family.

Samantha Abraham (Wilshaw)

I am so sorry to hear this news. Mr Dodd was a true gentleman the perfect headmaster and an inspiration. He knew everyone’s names and took the time to speak to anyone he passed. He was kind and caring yet strict when needed and gained respect from all those he met. Still in later life when talking about my old school days and Mr Dodd you can’t help but smile remembering him. My thoughts go out to Mrs Dodd and family, he will be very sadly missed.

Chris Wilson

Luckily, I managed to avoid his office for the main part.
He always seemed a fair and considerate man and led a great bunch of teachers.
I was always amazed just how many pupils names he knew.
Good man. Thank you for all your efforts, Sir.

Nelson Chan

RIP Mr Dodd, you were a great headmaster to us and thanks for everything that you have done to Truro School.

Kenny Green

This is a sad loss indeed.

I remember Mr. Dodd with fond memories. It was as a boarder at Trennick House in the Upper Sixth I recall being invited with some of the other house prefects to have Sunday Lunch with Mr and Mrs Dodd. As Headmaster, Guy was keyed to his pastoral duty (as our boarding Housemasters were) and was always keeping a look out for the welfare of all. This was a very kind thing, especially for full-time boarders who had limited chances to see family, many with relatives far away from the school. It was certainly of its time and great to see the Headmaster in a more informal setting outside of the normal school routine.

Guy was always supportive of new ventures, whether by staff or students and would offer sage guidance if necessary. He was a huge supporter of Alumni and only recently had been working on their behalf to keep the membership updated of events at the school and in the wider community.

Good bye, Guy.

Jim Clark

I was really saddened to hear of Guy’s death. He was a lovely man, and probably the best Headmaster I worked with during my career. He had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve, was always prepared to listen, and went about everything in an entirely civilised way. We came across each other on occasions after we both retired, and it was always a pleasure to talk to him. I feel desperately sorry for his family in losing such a good man.

Jane Emons

Such sad news. I was fortunate enough to be school librarian during Guy’s time at Truro School, his genuine encouragement, trust and kindness was truly appreciated. To see him open the newly refurbished and extended library in 2010 was an honour. I was delighted that it was named the Dodd Library as he was always our number one supporter.
My sincere condolences to Helen and family.

Tiffany Holmes

I am so sad and very sorry to hear about the passing of Mr Dodd. He was my headmaster throughout my 7 years at Truro School and I had great respect for him. I was always so impressed that he knew every student’s name at the school and that he took a genuine interest in each individual. I really enjoyed the times I had the opportunity to chat with him and found him to be an approachable, kind and wise person. He made me laugh a lot by wiggling his ears at a Burrell Society lunch and was the first person who actually managed to explain in a way that I could understand the rules around using me and I (my friend and me, my friend and I).
I was so pleased to bump into him years after I left school, he again showed real care and interest in what I was up to. He did a very generous and beautiful thing of making my job sound infinitely more impressive than it actually was at the time, which meant a lot to me. Years later when I felt like I had got to the position he had elevated my earlier role to I hoped I might see him again so I could tell him. I knew that he would be proud and that felt like it was important.
My deepest condolences xxx

Christoph Babendererde

Dear family of Guy Dodd,
I send my condolences to you and am deeply sorry to hear about the death of your husband, father and grandfather!
I was a pupil at the boarding school in 95/96 spending a year abroad from Germany. Dr. Dodd gave the English classes for our group of German pupils and taught me to love Macbeth and to still being able to quote good parts of it today.
My memories of his lessons are still vivid because of his kind way and of his strong ambition to transport his love to the English language to us.
I would have loved to have seen him again at one of the annual reunion dinners at Truro School. I never made it to one of them and now I feel very sorry for that.
Mr. Dodd had a noteworthy influence on my development as a pupil and by that on me as a person as a whole. I am very thankful to have been in one of his classes.
I wish you all the best.

Christopher Rowe

Having worked throughout his Headship with him on the Former Pupils’ Association and Society Committees, I recall a business like, yet compassionate man who would always accept comments in the spirit they were made. There was a mutual respect with Guy that continued after his retirement, whenever our paths crossed, whether at a School Function, a Concert or Service in the Cathedral or in the mundane act of shopping in the City, he had time to stop and talk and take an interest in what was said. I shall miss seeing him around the School and at the wider activities we mutually took part in. My Condolences to Helen and the Family are offered generously.

Geoff Witcher

So sad to hear of the loss of one of life’s real gentlemen. My two sons Daryl and Callum, now 32 and 29, both were lucky enough to attend the Prep. and Main schools. Whilst Daryl and Callum were at the Prep School, Mr Dodd was so kind as to give me some of his valuable time. His attentiveness, politeness and understanding of my concerns were an indication of how outstanding he was as a valued firm but father figure to all pupils.

He will be sadly missed and our thoughts are very much with his family.

Kambiz Eghbali Tabar-shahri

Though I did not know the headmaster Mr. Dodd, I am as a former pupil saddened by the news of his passing.   Mr. Burrell was my head master, and I sure that Mr. Dodd walked in the same footsteps of his predecessors, and bettered them, continuing the tradition of excellence, and camaraderie and easy-going approach to mentoring the young minds that will make up future generations.  I would like to extend my condolences to his immediate family, and to the Truro School family.
For those that serve and are cherished, will be an everlasting impression, in the young minds mentored.

James 4:14:
You do not even know what will happen tomorrow! What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

Alan Jones

I was incredibly privileged, as a brand new Bursar, to work at Truro School with Guy as the Headmaster.  I recognised very rapidly that he was completely devoted to the School, its pupils, staff and ethos.
A thorough gentleman, he combined integrity with wholehearted humanity, brimming with enthusiasm for all aspects of the School’s life and with a lively sense of humour. Resolute, but always fair; he was understanding, magnanimous and compassionate.  He was a terrific mentor, offering encouragement and guidance with an understated, but steady, hand on the helm (as befitted his, and also Helen’s, intrepid love of sailing & their adventurous spirits).
Guy was a superb example to the countless students who came through Truro School under his headship and I count myself exceptionally fortunate to have been his friend. He was a consummate leader, indeed by far the finest of the many with whom I have served.

Claire Stephens

Dear Helen,  I am so sorry to hear of Guy’s passing, I have only happy memories of him during my 7 years at Truro School. He was kind, measured and a real joy to have had as my Head Teacher. He steered the ship so well!   I also have a very happy memory of you too.
I remember coming to your lovely house on the grounds, and baking on one of my first days at ‘big’ school. It helped me acclimatize to ‘Mr. Dodd’, to big school, and bond with the new students too. I’m sure it took a lot to organise but to this day it means a lot you made the effort for us all! X

I am now 37, living back in Cornwall after 12 years living in Brighton, and how wonderful it is to come home.

May you be given the space and time and love you need to heel after Guy’s sudden passing. Life is sometimes incredibly unfair and my thoughts are with you at this time.

Joan Turner

My husband Roy and I were so sorry to hear this sad news. Our daughter Anoushka thoroughly enjoyed her time at Truro School when Guy Dodd was headmaster and had great respect for him.
Anoushka tragically passed away aged seventeen and Guy and his wife Helen visited us at home and were incredibly kind and understanding. This support meant a lot to us and something we have never forgotten .
Our sincerest condolences go to Helen and all the family

Steve Floyd

Guy was a true gentleman and a stickler for dress code. Often the mere act of him opening his study window would ensure the shirts of those walking past were immediately tucked in, whether they be pupils or staff.

Ben Proctor

A great Headmaster but have probably seen more of him since leaving school in and around Flushing and Mylor. He was always interested in others, always cheerful and a joy to talk to and not aged a day since he left school! It is such a tragic loss of a really lovely person and one of life’s true gentlemen. My thoughts are with all his family at this time, x

Jonathan Ball

What sad news; sincere condolences to Guy’s family.  I retain warm memories of our happy collaborations on the Truro School Assisted Places Appeal launched in April 1999.  Guy’s Headship leaves a legacy of high regard.  We got to know each other through the Millennium Appeal.  His leadership helped define Truro School’s place in the world as the new millennium dawned.  His special talent was an ability to secure willing consensus and present an ever youthful attitude towards the world and its mysteries; in Guy’s presence you always had a sense of the possible.  His was a decency that radiated, a gravitas ever gentle and a smile that unfailingly went to his eyes.  It was my pleasure and privilege to have known him and worked with him.

Lou Jones

I remember Guy fondly, as he was Headmaster when my eldest son, Ben, was at the School. He was well-liked and much respected by all the pupils and parents and was, ever, the true gentleman in all our dealings with him over that time. His kind and guiding influence for a whole generation of children will, I’m sure, be one of his many lasting legacies. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends at this time.

Robin and Margaret Sellwood

Guy Dodd gave us crucial advice when our not very studious son was in the sixth form. Truro School and Truro were very blessed to have him among us.  Our sincere condolences to Helen and the family.

Helen Sullivan

I had the joy and privilege of working with Guy at the Foundation where his warmth, intelligence and zest for life shone through. He loved people and people loved him. Always interested as well as interesting he was a true gentleman, whose devotion to Helen, his children and grandchildren was evident, as was his care for all connected with the school. I will miss his wisdom, counsel, warmth and inspiration and my thoughts are with his family at this awful time.

Erdmute Dickenson

So shocked and sorry to hear that Guy Dodd died after suffering an accident. I would like to join all those others staff and parents who will be thinking of his wife Helen and Family at such a sad time.

Jennifer Reek

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Mr Dodd. He was the kindest man you could ever wish to meet. He was headmaster of Truro School when I first started working for the prep school in 1996. He would always find time to speak and make sure you were ok. A very pleasant and warm hearted gentleman.
A couple of years ago I was waitressing at a reunion they had at Truro School which Mr Dodd attended and he came over to me and said ” my word you are still here after all these years” which I thought was lovely that he still remembered who I was. Mr Dodd will be missed by staff, pupils and many others. A light has gone out over Truro School.
My sincere condolences to the family of Guy Dodd. It was a pleasure to have known such a kind and true gentleman.

David Heseltine

Fond memories of a man who was wonderful to work for, and to work with, and who I later felt privileged to regard as a friend. Such a tragedy. Such a legacy. Kate and I send heartfelt sympathies.


Oliver Knights

Very sad to hear about the passing of Mr Dodd. He was an extremely good headmaster; compassionate, visionary and approachable. His time at the school overlapped mine throughout my whole school life and I count myself very lucky to have such a competent head at the helm.

Carolyn Azancot

I will forever remember sitting in Mr Dodd’s office the term before I started as a boarder in 1994. I was so scared and felt so little, yet Mr Dodd already knew so much about me. He welcomed my parents and I into his office as if it was his living room and we were to be new members of his family. From that day on, I always felt safe and happy when I saw him. From my constant trips to the office to ask to send a fax to my family abroad, to his friendly visits to Pentreve to check we were all ok, his smile and honest warmth meant I always felt at home at Truro School. I am so saddened to hear of his passing. Thank you, Mr Dodd.

Lucas Snell

Forever thankful for the opportunities he enabled during my education. God bless.

Patrick Stevenson

Guy was very committed to the Truro School Former Pupils Association, and will be sadly missed the years of 1957 to 64.

Les Rendell

A true gentleman, an exceptional Headmaster and a tremendous supporter of all connected with Truro School. The reunion of 2001 which I organised will always be remembered for his help and encouragement and, above all, his friendship. He will be sadly missed.

Wataru Hayashi

I am truly sorry to hear about of the passing of Guy Dodd.  I don’t know what to say.

I hope you all will overcome this sorrow very soon.

With deepest sympathy.

Toby Gray

A great headmaster, he will be sorely missed.

Benjamin Hyatt

Mr Dodd was one of the greats, he was such a loverly person and a beaming light of hope and inspiration for all the pupils that had the privilege to know him.

I am sure that without his influence I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I know when friends and family from Truro school discuss Mr Dodd it’s always with a warm heart and a smile, he will be truly missed throughout the Cornish community.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family

Alan Murton

My condolences to Guy’s family, what else can I say but “Another good man gone.” Like so many there are great memories and I’m one of many who will treasure them.

Brett Smitheram

I was shocked to read of Guy’s passing. His time as Head at Truro School coincided with my most formative years and his approach, good humour and intelligence were extremely highly valued.

When I last saw Guy (the first time since I left Truro School!) at a reunion dinner, I mentioned how a speech he gave about taking responsibility for our actions when I was 12 had had a profound influence upon me at the time. His response, “My, I was quite pompous then wasn’t I?” Great humour, great mind, sadly missed.

Rest in peace Guy, I am sure your legacy will live on in the pupils, staff and people who are lucky enough to have known you.

Nicola Alesbrook (neé Simpson CO 97)

I was saddened to hear today about the sudden loss of Mr Dodd. I will always have such fond memories of him from my time at Truro during the 1990s. Please pass on my condolences to his family.

Dennis Keam

My sincere condolences to the family, having lost my father suddenly at the age of 59, I have some understanding of the shock and grief.

Philip Rule (CO ’78)

I am so saddened to read this awful news. On the few occasions I met Guy, I found him to be a most engaging and all round fine fellow. When we did chat he often mentioned how glad he was that he was NOT headmaster in my time at Truro School. He was not the only one to suggest this over the years. He was at the helm of Truro School for a number of years for which we are all immensely grateful.
I send my sincerest condolences to his immediate family and loved ones. I cannot begin to think what they are going through.
My love and prayers

Sue Spence

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Guy’s untimely passing. Guy was a perfect gentleman, dedicated and professional. I appreciated his calm wisdom, and will never forget the moments of thoughtful kindness and unfailing support he gave me when I was Head of English. My thoughts and prayers are with Helen and the family at this sad time.

Polly Milne (nee Robertson)

I was very much shocked and saddened to hear the news of Mr Dodd. I have such fond memories of him as Head during my very happy years at Truro School and feel privileged to have known him. It was also thanks to Helen’s advice that I decided to spend my Gap Year learning Spanish in Salamanca, for which I will always be grateful. My sincere condolences to her and to all of Mr Dodd’s family at this difficult time. Best wishes,

Joss Price

I’m so incredibly sorry to hear the news.  Our wonderful headmaster was indeed a true gentleman; enormously encouraging, supportive and inspiring. He seemed to have time for everyone, from inviting groups of the Sixth Form to lunch, to remembering which classes you took and your performances on the sports field. From the eyes of the pupils, he successfully led by clearly conveying where the lines were drawn and what was expected of us, all with an underlying kindness.

My brothers and I were incredibly fortunate to be at Truro School during Mr. Dodd’s tenure. It was a very special time in our lives and we’re truly grateful for his efforts; please know that the values instilled in us have been carried forward in life.

Sending my deepest condolences but also my sincere appreciation to his family.

Joe Woodward

A great Headmaster, and a wonderfully kind, thoughtful man. Thank you for everything Sir.

Francine Clark

A truly remarkable gentleman, teacher and leader, his loss will be felt by many. With most sincere condolences.

Charlotte Campbell (nee Osman)

Mr Dodd was never my Headmaster but he was still a presence at the school when I joined the Sixth Form in 2004. I used to watch Rugby matches that my brother was playing on Saturday mornings and on one occasion I remember happily chatting away to a kind man on the side lines (I must have been about nine or ten years old at the time). After the match, someone asked what I had talked to the Headmaster about, but I had no idea who he was! I thought he was a parent or grandparent of a pupil playing in the match. I felt honoured that he had talked to me in a way that made me feel comfortable and heard. That memory will stay with me forever.

It is a sad loss, and my condolences go to all of his family and those who knew him better than I did. What a wonderful character who will surely be missed.

Denise Walker ( nee Shopland)

I have very fond memories of Mr Dodd and all the help which he gave during my time at Truro School. As a boarder, the first time when I was informed by Mrs Harris that I was invited to Mr and Mrs Dodd’s house for Sunday lunch filled me with nerves.However, when we arrived there it quickly felt and reminded me of Sunday lunches at home. The was also the challenge to try to fit all the wooden the fishes back into the puzzle on the coffee table. Whenever I was invited for Sunday lunch it made the weekend so much better and was a kind gesture I will always remember.
My sincere condolences are with Helen and their family but also to the Truro School community who have lost a much loved member who helped raise the school profile.

Annabel Gregory

I remember my interview with Guy Dodd for the job at the Prep School (Treliske as it was then) so well and a particular question he asked me: ‘What teacher did you admire and respect when you were a pupil and what did they do that made it that way?’ After decades of teaching, it now seems a reasonably obvious question to ask a candidate, but it wasn’t something I had expected or prepared for in advance of my interview. But it suddenly and indisputably made me realise and express the qualities I admired in my teachers and which, I hope, I then strove to fulfil in my own teaching. That quality was always believing in a child’s potential. This was something which, I feel, Guy Dodd demonstrated in all he did for Truro School. His care, concern and belief in the pupils informed and drove all he did. He was tireless in his interest in school activities across the Prep and Senior school, for example, never once missing a production at the Prep.
This interest in the life of the school continued long after his retirement, and it was always so good to see him for a catch up at cathedral events and choir concerts.
This news has been a huge shock and the loss to the Truro School community is immense. With the deepest sympathy and love to Helen and the family.

Julia Ives (nee Richardson)

I am so sorry to hear this sad news today. I was in sixth form when Mr Dodd was headmaster and I especially remember our weekly senior prefect meetings with him. We felt so lucky as we were able to have tea and biscuits with him at breaktime! At the end of upper sixth we were also invited to his home for dinner which I remember with fondness. Such a lovely gentleman and even so many years after leaving, I haven’t forgotten him.
I send my deepest condolences to his family.

Jo Wright

I was very sorry to hear the news and I want to send all of the family my very best wishes.

David Meads

I am deeply sorry for your loss. I hope you feel the love that surrounds you, now and always. Praying for your healing, comfort, strength and peace during this painful time. It is also a time to celebrate an amazing life lived and wishing you comfort in your memories.

Tim Trevail

It is with tremendous sadness I hear of the passing of Mr Dodd. As a leaver in 1999 he was the head for almost my entire time at Truro School. He was a fantastic head and an even better man. Sadly, I hadn’t seen him for many years but my dad often bumped into him down at Trelissick gardens. He would ask my dad about myself and my peers and it’s a real measure of the man that he did the same with so many other former pupils remembering them not only by name but by what they had gone on to achieve. He will be sorely missed and was an integral part of making Truro School the great education (and I’m not just talking about academically) it gave to me and so many hundreds of other students during the 90s. Rest in Peace Mr Dodd and love to your family.

Ginny Hosken (Walker)

I was one of the fortunate ones to have Guy Dodd as my Headteacher for my whole time at Truro School. He was such a kind man & had time for us all. Guy was an inspiring man & I feel very privileged to have known him.
My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Andrew Mulligan

I knew Guy mainly in his role as headmaster, though he did come to be a friend after retirement and I’ll recall lovely evenings eating, drinking, chatting. As a head, he was a powerful presence – always in the most positive way. In my teaching career I worked with eight heads, and Guy set the standard for me. He was tireless, and he wanted his school to be efficient, dynamic and happy. He believed in education, obviously, and he believed the best in people – teachers and pupils alike. Goodness, he worked hard. Never pompous, never distant – aware, with a twinkling eye, of his own blind-spots! – he sailed that ship, with courage. He had no time for cynics and shirkers, who were always uncomfortable in his presence. He was consistent and kind, and all I can say is that I learned so much from him…or tried to. Guy and Helen never seemed to give up, or get dispirited: there was always the next important project, widening access to education…helping those who needed help. I feel truly lucky to have worked for him, or with him – he did so much good, and left the world a better place. How many of will be able to say that of ourselves? Guy was a wonderful man, and leaves an enormous gap.

Bren, William and Matthew Sweet

Our heartfelt condolences to Helen and family. Guy was a true gentleman and will be truly missed by all his neighbours and friends. With love

Pat Smith

The word integrity is rarely used these days but it is the word that always comes into my mind when thinking of Guy Dodd.   He was a person of integrity and consequently a fine Headmaster.  My condolences to Helen and the family

Warren Bennett

Guy was the Headmaster during my time at Truro School (CO96) I had several dealings with him since his retirement as my company had supplied him timber for a boat construction project he had underway for his grandchildren. I was always impressed that Guy remembered me and my contributions to the school, as well as quite likely all the other students who attended the school during his period at the helm. Guy was a true gentleman, and a role model for how to gain the respect of others without demanding it.

My thoughts, love and deepest condolences go to his family at this truly difficult time.

Susanna Sawle

Mr Dodd was the epitome of Truro School; Kind, Fair, Firm and Wise – a simply wonderful Headmaster. His amazing memory for names continued long beyond my time at school, and he would often ask my parents about my brother and I when they saw him at Mylor Harbour; considering I left school in 1999 and my brother, (Iain Bones) in 1994, that was no mean feat. He will be sorely missed.

Ellie Carter

Guy was a calm, warm and supportive headmaster to all his pupils at Truro School. Genuine and unassuming he treated everyone as an individual – always able to address each of his pupils by name. This is a very sad loss for the world, and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family who must be very proud of the man he was.

Aaron Edgcumbe

When I was at Treliske, Guy remembered everyone’s name and there was a genuine excitement when he came to talk in morning assembly. He will be missed by many! Rest in peace.

Colin Truscott

I remember seeing Mr Guy Dood once a year at the Annual Old Boys’ Dinner.  Nice man very sad to hear it. He wrote a kind word, if I remember, about the loss of his second predecessor Mr Derek Burrell. The school has had another great loss in Mr Guy Dodd.

Matthew Collins

It was very sad to learn of the sudden passing of my former headmaster at Truro School, Guy Dodd.  A kind, generous and supportive Head, I am sure all the pupils and staff during his tenure will have fond recollections of him and happy times as part of school community. Very much the figurehead, he instilled exemplary beliefs and values in all of his pupils, through the motto ‘Esse Quam Videre’, and I hope we have all made him proud.  I cherished every moment at Truro School and will remember him with immense thankfulness. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Thomas David Woodley

My wife and I were saddened by the loss of Guy. We met him at our reunions and thought what a nice man he was. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and family.

Tim Tregidgo

My wife and I were very saddened to hear of Guy Dodd’s tragic accident. Having met him quite recently at a couple of Alumni events in London we had pleasant memories of talking to him and hearing about his family, who obviously meant a lot to him.  He was a very special person who will be greatly missed by many. We feel privileged to have met him.

Verity Sidgwick

Such sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with his family. I remember him being such a lovely genial gentleman with time for everyone and a real presence.

Diccon Rogers

A light has been extinguished indeed. Everyone who met Guy came away enriched and enthused, and those of us lucky enough to have been at Truro as pupils during his tenure were privileged indeed. He had the proper measure of us rogues out on a limb at Trewinnard, knowing exactly how to deploy authority wisely. His warmth, intellect, energy, moral compass and phenomenal memory inspired us all. A sad loss of an inspirational man. Warmest wishes to Helen, all family and everyone at School.

Graham Whitmore

I was indebted to Guy for the wonderful support he gave me and I will remember him as a true gentleman and an exceptional man whose life was marked by service, dedication, compassion, humour and excellence. I have so many memories, but will fondly remember him as a leader who, whenever I asked him for something, he would have a wry smile as he replied “the answer is ‘no’ but leave it with me and I will reconsider if the answer is to remain no! Our hearts are saddened by the tragic loss of Guy and our thoughts and prayers are with Helen and family.

Ben Sautelle-Smith (1997-2004)

I still remember when, aged 10, I first encountered Mr Dodd during a school tour for prospective students. He was so cheery, genuine and caring that my parents and I were immediately put at ease – he was undoubtedly and quite singlehandedly a big factor in our decision to join Truro School. Mr Dodd was a constant presence throughout the school and knew every student’s name and circumstances, regularly stopping for a friendly chat on his walks. He was not only a great headmaster but a great man who embodied the core values of the school. He will be long remembered by all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Nigel Baker

Guy arrived at Truro School when it was going through a difficult time and it was very largely thanks to him that it was turned round. Guy provided a wonderful combination of clarity of leadership with great integrity. Perhaps it was his interest in sailing that gave him such a strong moral compass? More than any Head I worked for in 35 years on the teaching staff he provided the clearest leadership. Guy was always out and about, wondering round the school each morning talking to pupils as they arrived, and finding out the things that needed to be sorted out. His recall of names was legendary, pupils imagined he had a filing system which he spent endless hours memorising.

Guy was deeply interested in everyone, very kind, with a good sense of humour and excellent company. We had much in common with our interest in history, in boats and in spaniels. Rosemary and I much enjoyed seeing Helen and Guy occasionally during retirement and always envied how well he looked. His sudden loss came as a great shock.

Chris Darbyshire

I knew Guy from my time working as a dock master at Mylor Harbour.   He was always one of the most pleasant people you could wish to meet and always appreciative of anything you did for him no matter how minor it was. Such a sad loss; one of the best. Very best wishes to Helen and family

Jane Rainbow

I have thought a great deal about Guy over the past few weeks since I heard the sad news. I remember him as a man of tremendous principle and as a kind, supportive guiding influence on our community. He was an excellent public speaker and his assemblies were frequently thought provoking, well considered and delivered with real authority. He always placed our students first and he cared deeply about everybody associated with the school. My direct experience of him as a member of staff was that he was consistently compassionate, fair and unerringly wise in the advice he dispensed. He was very keen to support girls’ games and took a keen interest in our tours to Amsterdam, Brussels and South Africa. He also enjoyed the staff pantomimes and made playful cameo appearances as Guy the Gorilla whenever possible. When my brother died, Guy (as a fellow historian) insisted I leave immediately to be with my parents and stepped into my lessons without hesitation – reporting back on everyone’s progress in detail – because of course he knew every child in the school. He sent me on a fascinating residential digital photography course in Somerset saying he wanted to encourage creative aspects of the ICT curriculum. He also asked me to accompany the unforgettable Duke of Edinburgh trip that involved driving a school minibus across Europe to Romania to work with orphaned children. Both Mark and I feel most fortunate to have served at Truro School under Guy’s tenure and we send Helen and all the family our sincere condolences and very best wishes at this difficult time.

Rachel Vaughan

Guy was an inspiring role model for so many former pupils of my generation. He was an exceptionally warm, generous and intelligent man with a rare gift for remembering people and putting them at their ease. He will be sadly missed but fondly remembered by us all in the Truro School community.

Emma Kelly (née Lindgren)

What sad news! I would like to send my condolences to all Guy’s family and friends. He was Head when I got my first teaching job at Truro School in 1996. I was only there two years but I had tremendous respect for this kind, gentle, quietly-spoken man. He was always encouraging and supportive, particularly of NQTs like me and it really was a privilege to work in his school and clearly continued to contribute to the school even after he had left, testament to his commitment to it and education. He will be greatly missed by many people and I will always remember him fondly. RIP Guy.

Graham & Ian Murdoch

Guy was the President of the Former Pupils Association while we were on the Committee together. He gave enormous support to the Association during his tenure, including turning around it’s finances to put it on a firm financial basis. He was a true gentleman who will be greatly missed but fondly remembered by many.

Julia Goldsworthy

If we are lucky, we are able to look back on our time at school and remember those teachers whose passion for a subject was contagious, and played a formative influence on our own interests and future studies. Guy Dodd was an even rarer breed – a head whose outlook and attitude to life left an enduring impression not just on the school but on me personally, as I’m sure it did for countless other former students. I will be forever grateful for the interest and valuable support he gave to me, through my time at school and into adulthood. It was a privilege to know him and benefit from his wisdom. He may be gone, but will not be forgotten.

Jill Jobson

Guy Dodd was truly the best Headmaster I met in all my children’s schooling. He was always approachable and full of fun and smiles whilst maintaining excellent discipline and the pupils and parents all respected him hugely. You really felt that he understood children and that he wanted the best for everyone. In those days you would drive past his office if you were visiting for anything and you could always hear happy sounds from Guy and Jayne Grigg’s offices. Our thoughts are with his family.


Nicky Berridge

It was a privilege and joy to work with Guy for the past 4 years. Such a lovely, joyful, optimistic, kind and generous human being. A shining example to us all. I pray that when the sadness and pain eases, the wonderful memories with prevail and bring comfort to Helen and all the family. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Graham Hooper

I was Vice Chair to Guy’s Chairmanship of the Foundation.
My heartfelt thoughts and condolences go out to all his family.
He was caring, empathetic, measured, selfless, gracious, inclusive, honest, wise counsel, fulsome in his praise of others and a good friend. It was both a privilege and pleasure to work with him. In a sense, the Foundations’ money was Guys. His humility never let me get away without him denying the point, but the School wouldn’t have it without him. I will miss his counsel, funny emails and friendship. My thoughts are with his family now, and will remain so. He left the world a better place for his being.

Thilo Schneider

Dear Helen,

As someone who has only been at Truro School for two terms, it made me feel very special that your husband remembered me and my family, when we met at my 20 year reunion in 2018. His personalised letters, asking about my parents Klaus and Heidi, showed just how much he cared about former students. I will always feel connected to the school, and your husband is one of the main reasons for it.

I will always remember him as a person who makes people stop chatting when he enters a room because he had such a prominent appearance. A person who had a kind word for everybody, who remembered personal facts, and with that made everybody feel special.

Please know, that the Schneider family’s thoughts in these hard times are with you and your family.

All the best from Duesseldorf

Robin Eddy

My sincere condolences to all. I have fond memories of my time at Truro and remember Mr Dodd taking over and how welcomed he was. Will always be held in high regard.

Andrew Gould

Mr Dodd made a huge impact on my life from the very first day I started at Truro School in September 1993 (also his first day).

He taught us pupils many things; to be hard working, polite, but most of all kind. I have often thought of him over the years and tried to follow his example.

He will be greatly missed.

David Paull

Very sad to hear the news about Mr Dodd.

When speaking to old school friends about the news, we were all in agreement of how lucky we were to have him as our headmaster for the duration of our time at Truro School (1994 to 2001). He was friendly, kind and fair. He knew everyone by name and always took the time to ask how you were.

When thinking back, two memories stick out for me…

In our 4th year at Truro, a good chunk of our year were caught drinking at the school disco. I can remember us all being marched into his office the following week to hear our punishment. He could have thrown the book at us (literally!), yet he was calm and composed, while expressing how disappointed he was with us. A Saturday detention, combined with a week of after school detentions, was a fair and just punishment. It certainly helped to buck my ideas up and was proud to return to his office to meet with him on a weekly basis as part of the Senior Prefect team in my final year.

In our final year, a group of us plotted to put the contents of the temporary classrooms onto their flat roofs as part of the Muck Up Day activities. We snuck out of the boarding house in the middle of the night and worked into the early hours transferring all the chairs and desks up onto the roofs. I am proud to say that it caused a stir around the school, with the greatest compliment coming from Mr Dodd when he took me to one side to commend me on our efforts. I am still not sure how he found out I was the ring leader?!?

A great headmaster who made a massive contribution to the school. Best wishes to his family at this difficult time.

Helen  Williams (nee Jackson)

What a charming man. I remember Mr Dodd’s tenure as headmaster during my time at the school (I left in 1999). I recall a man of integrity, enthusiasm for the school and pupils, a passion for supporting teams from the sidelines, and usually a wide smile as he walked along the corridors and common areas of the school. I share his passion for sailing and cruising and will miss seeing him aboard in the Carrick Roads and last in the Isles of Scilly.

Karina Klimek

So sorry to hear this news. He was a wonderful kind man and always took the time to engage with his pupils. I will always remember how he could remember everyone’s names. Thoughts and love to his family at this difficult time x

Simon Waller

I will always remember school trips to the Lakes that Guy led every year while at Cheltenham College and having Guy as Housemaster. He was a wonderful man and a great teacher.

Alison Stephens

Very sad news to hear of this. I remember such a lovely man RIP my heart goes out to all his family and friends at this sad time

Miranda Cooke (formerly Williams)

I am more sorry than I can say to hear this incredibly sad news. Mr Dodd was such a lovely man and always gave me so much encouragement and support. I have the fondest memories of all the help and guidance he provided to me, as well as of sixth form lunches with him. He was always kind and so generous with his time and advice. I would like to send my very best wishes and greatest sympathy to his family. Lots of love

Fiona Phillips

As parents of children at the school, we found him to the perfect Headmaster. Kind and strict but greatly respected. Sincere condolences to his wife and family.

Carol Harding

I remember Guy as such a warm, kind man. He made everyone feel so appreciated and valued. I send my sincere condolences to all of his family and loved ones. His is such a sad loss.

Vivien Hughes

A much loved, admired and caring brother who I shall miss very much indeed. My love as always, to Helen, Angus, Tom and Janie and all the grandchildren.
Viv xx

Christopher Fletcher

Mr Dodd was the embodiment of everything Truro School stands for- high expectations, high standards, fairness, equality, positivity and happiness.

I will always look back at my time at Truro School fondly, and count myself among the lucky ones who had Mr Dodd as our headmaster!!
My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Ciaran Shier

My thoughts are with the whole family at this time. I have very fond memories of Guy as my headmaster. Truro School played a very big role in shaping my future and Guy’s role in that cannot be understated. I still have a close circle of friends from my days at School and we are all very saddened by the news and feel very lucky to have grown up with Guy as our headmaster.

Paul Smith

I was truly blessed to succeed Guy as Headmaster of Truro School although they were large shoes to fill.  Guy was always supportive although he kept a distance initially and his wise and generous words of encouragement reflected the humility and compassionate nature of the man. Not quite in the Methodist tradition but true to Guy’s sense of humour and generosity was the bottle he left in the Headmaster’s desk, for emergencies! He will be sorely missed by the whole Truro school community and our thoughts and prayers are with Helen and the family.

Elizabeth Wilton

As an ex-governor of Truro School I can remember interviewing Guy for the post of Headmaster. One of the best decisions we made. The School had hit a low period and he soon pulled and raised the high profile that Truro School had always held. His door always seemed to be open when one wished to talk over matters re the school, he would listen. He will be sadly missed.
My thoughts are with Helen who also made such a strong contribution to the school as Headmasters wife.

Kim and Sarah Conchie

As Chair of Governors and a TS Foundation Trustee it has been my great pleasure to work with Guy in the past few years. He was fun, hard-working, precise and passionate – every quality you need to move matters forward collaboratively and purposefully. Guy will be sadly missed by so many people for his warmth and personal qualities, but he will also leave a huge gap in fundraising and development of the school he loved. Our best wishes and condolences go to his family and many friends,

Valerie Hull ( Buckingham)

I remember you fondly Mr. Dodd. You were interested in us all and amazed me by remembering everyone’s names in a big school! You were really kind when I was new and trying to find my feet.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thinking of your family today.

Peter & Liz Everall

Liz and I knew Guy and his family when he was headmaster at Lord Wandsworth College. He was good and generous friend and always a genial host. His fair and positive attitude and Christian sense of values set a great example for others to follow.
We are shocked and saddened to have received the news of his death and offer our condolences, thoughts and prayers to Helen and the family.

Matthew (Ned) Rogers

Terribly sad news – a really inspirational man, a superb motivator, energiser and all round top bloke. He was particularly welcoming and inclusive to us oversees students from Scilly and beyond, and utterly ruthless on the croquet lawn. I feel very privileged to have briefly caught up with him at a recent reunion, although having spent the afternoon in the Ale House before attending the event, I’m not sure he was convinced I’d progressed very much since school… He will be very sadly missed. Very best to the family and the wider Truro School community.

Robert and Marilyn Gould

A real loss, and so sad. Guy was always supportive of both of us in our roles at the school. He was both encouraging and a wise sounding board for any issues that needed to be raised.

Sonya Newton

Guy was Headmaster when I joined Truro School straight from University as a newly qualified teacher in 1994. He was an amazing Headmaster who knew all of his staff, families, pupils and parents so well. Guy could always be seen around the school whether it was supporting sporting fixtures or checking to make sure nobody was leaving before 3,45pm! He was the most kind, professional, humble and honest of gentlemen. Guy has left a lasting legacy at Truro School. I am sorry to hear of his passing and send my thoughts to Helen and the rest of the family at this very difficult time.

Michael Seaton-Burridge

It is with great sadness that I received this news yesterday, I have many distinct memories of Mr Dodd from my time at Truro School.

When reminiscing about him last night it became apparent that, for my class mates and I, he was hugely inspirational and greatly respected. We recalled how he would always make time to stop and have a chat to us, how he would know all of our names, along with our parents and something about our school career. Always impeccably dressed, with perfect manners and an infectious smile. He was an important role model to me and many others over the years.

My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends. I hope that some comfort can be found in the positive impact he left on so many lives.

He is loved by so many and will be remembered always.

Jim, Serena and Hannah Hughes

We were deeply saddened to hear of Guy’s untimely passing.
We, together with our daughter Hannah (class of 2006) have some great memories of him both as a marvellous headmaster and as a fellow sailing friend. He always had time for a chat and was always delighted to hear about how Hannah was getting on.
Guy was a real gentleman and we will sadly miss his smile and sparkling banter on the Mylor pontoon, water taxi and in the boatyard – as well as at numerous concert venues where we always seemed to bump into him and Helen.
We hold Helen and family in our thoughts at this very sad time.

Sheila and Richard Williams

We are so very sorry to hear the sad news about Guy and send our condolences to his family.
Guy was an honourable, wise and compassionate gentleman who possessed every quality that a parent could wish for in a Headmaster responsible for the education of their children. We are forever grateful that our children were at Truro School during his tenure of office and benefited from his leadership, care and guidance.  We will always remember him with warmth and great respect.

Mark Nicholas

Guy Dodd was a super Headmaster, astute, inspiring, hardworking and a true gentleman. He really knew the parents and as pupils and staff he challenged us and gave us all the confidence and encouragement to be ourselves and to aspire to be the best versions of ourselves that we could be. He had a very pupil centred approach, which was something which really resonated with me and he will be sadly missed by all those who were lucky enough to have known him. I certainly feel privileged to have done so.

Christian May

I was sad to miss Mr Dodd at a recent London reunion, and I emailed the TSFPA asking for a message to be passed on to him. I’m happy to share that message, and his reply, below, as I think it reveals the warmth and humility that so defined him.

“Please pass on to him my thoughts and thanks about the impact going to Truro School has had on me. Like most people I can plot a course from my enjoyable and formative days at school right up to the present day – including undergraduate and postgraduate study and a varied career that today sees me editing a daily newspaper. This journey would have taken a very different course, I’m sure, if Guy Dodd hadn’t taken a chance on me. For that is what he did. I seem to recall I failed my entrance exams into Truro School, and was only accepted after an interview with him. I feel I made the very most of my days at Truro School and I retain huge affection for it, but I also feel that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now – 20 years on – if Guy Dodd hadn’t had a conversation and a cup of tea with me in his office.”

“Dear Christian

Amanda forwarded your very nice – and I think all too flattering – email. It isn’t good for the hubris of an oldie to read such things but I am undeniably delighted to learn of former pupils who are having fulfilled and successful lives in whatever field.

Your experience bears out the limitations of exams as a form of people-assessment, particularly in the case of entry to TS when some youngsters were over-trained for the 11+ and actually not original or creative thinkers at all. I used to be constantly surprised by some boys, and latterly girls too, who clearly hadn’t had a feast of good teaching at small primary schools but who came out at interview with the most wonderful ideas which hadn’t been tramlined by the system. They often did very well later on.

We still go to Scilly in our boat most years and I remember your connections there. We have been to Juliet’s Garden once or twice and were very warmly welcomed by Juliet herself– is that of your family?

I hope that we will meet some time, perhaps at one of the future TS gatherings in London.”

Tina and Simon Walker

A true gentlemen, warm and kind and an exceptional head master whose interest in his pupils extended beyond their time at Truro School. Our children were extremely fortunate to have been at Truro School during his headship. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Simon and Penny Price

I was Guy’s Deputy for all his time at Truro School – and Penny worked in the school office – so we worked closely with him for all those years. The news of his death has come as a huge shock.
I would like to emphasise what a very great Headmaster and what a wonderful man he was. All those heartfelt tributes written by pupils, colleagues and friends in this Book of Condolence speak for themselves, and I endorse every one of them. Above all, Guy knew that there is no such thing as “Human Resources”, only people – he didn’t forget anyone’s name, whatever their role in the school community; he always truly listened, in such a way that you knew you had been heard; but he stuck to his guns and took difficult decisions when he had to. A watch-word for him was “decency”, and by his example he promoted this in others. He was also a leader of total integrity.
Guy and Helen enjoyed 19 years of happy and busy retirement and I know they felt every day that they were blessed. As well as at the odd social occasion, we continued to see them from time to time in recent years, especially in the summer, often at Mylor harbour in the sunshine: Guy would be instantly recognisable in the distance as he and Helen walked towards us on the pontoon, looking suntanned and fit, showing interest in everybody he spoke to, and always pleased to see you. That’s a special, sunny image I’d like to remember him with.

Janet & Stuart Bird (TS 1959-1963)

To Helen & family, we offer sincerest condolences to you at this difficult time.   Guy was a dear man and always very supportive when I ran the former pupils association in London from 1990-95.   He recounted being Headmaster of Lord Wandsworth College before Truro School, and hence had great experience beforehand, as Derek Burrell retired. Guy recounted the story of Jonny Wilkinson the rugby star who attended the College whilst Guy was HM. Jonny could place kick a rugby ball over the uprights 50 yds away even then!   After knowing Guy for sometime, he offered me the chance to buy his yacht moored down at Flushing. Sadly I didn’t have the cash at the time.   I hope the Truro School Foundation continues successfully, and as a recognition of his hard work, it should be named in his honour!   With our deepest love

Christopher Smith

As a former Governor as well as ex pupil from Treliske through to the main school, I first met Guy when I joined the Board in 1996. From the first meeting I realised that here was a man of exceptional qualities. Always tolerant, always listening and always ready with sage advice, he steered an optimum path between the often conflicting forces of the staff room, fee paying parents and the Governors. One event early on impressed me in particular; Guy was a speaker at the Prep School speech day. Ignoring the parents, and indeed the governors, he spoke directly to the pupils, making them feel part of the event, part of the day, the equal of all present. And he managed this without in any way being patronising. Outside Truro School, and then post retirement, he engaged with the community in many different ways and I can truthfully say I never heard a bad word spoken about him. Such a sad loss, but equally what a life of achievement to look back on. Living close to Guy we bumped into each other at various events, the last being at the start of the year. Even at his mature age he was still alert, lively and radiated energy. Our thoughts are with Helen and the family.

Jane Lloyd

I was very sorry to hear of Mr Dodd’s untimely death. Of all the headteachers that I worked under he stands head and shoulders above the rest. His addresses in assemblies were always thought provoking and original. He knew every one of his pupils and staff and was always to be found around the school site, popping up in unexpected places, at unexpected times! I had great confidence in his leadership and his vision for the school. He will be fondly remembered by legions of former pupils and not least for his surprise performance dressed in a gorilla costume during one of the staff Christmas plays. I have reason to remember him with affection for his compassion during a difficult period of my life.

Katherine Hoskins-Sweemey

Mr Dodd was one of the kindest people I have ever met. I was a shy retiring child at school, nonetheless he knew my name and those of my parents and siblings (who did not attend the school). He even often though to ask about the goats I kept as pets!

Several years after leaving school I embarked on a solo cycle trip of New Zealand and by complete coincidence was on the same outward flight as Mr and Mrs Dodd. Not only did he recognise me but he later sought me out at the hostel I was staying in and they both took me to dinner. That act of kindness has stuck with me to this day. I don’t think he can have known how much comfort it brought at the start of a daunting solo journey.

I often think of Mr Dodd and I try my very best to emulate his kindness and thoughtfulness in my current teaching role.

A life that touched so many others in such a positive way is something truly special. Thank you.

Ruth Gripper

I was so sorry to hear the news about Guy Dodd. During my time at Truro School Mr Dodd set the tone for the whole place. He was unfailingly kind, fair and decent. It was a real pleasure to reconnect with him after I moved back to Cornwall and I will remember him with great affection. A very sad loss, and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

Andrew Gordon-Brown

I feel honoured that my name is below that of G A G Dodd on the list of Truro School Headmasters that hangs outside my office. It was a real privilege to have known such a great man. May he rest in peace.

Charlotte Bruce

Mr Dodd was a truly fantastic Headmaster, and we were blessed to have had his support and guidance during our time at the school. It was wonderful to see him at the London reunion event in such full spirits last year, and it was such a shock to learn of his passing. Sending my heartfelt condolences to his family. He will be very much missed by all of his past students and the wider community.

Colin Blake

I was deeply saddened to hear the tragic news of Guy’s death. The rise of Truro School to be one of the most successful schools in the South West of England is a testament to him. He developed the strengths of the school and resolved the areas of weakness. Guy always showed good humour, was a fine orator and displayed empathy and integrity. Under his guidance both staff and pupils were able to reach their full potential. He was a great man who will be thanked and remembered by the many who had the privilege to work and study alongside him.

Emma Lamerton (nee Whitney)

My deepest sympathy goes out to all Mr Dodd’s family, He was a wonderful headmaster, always positive and with a unique way of asking questions. I ran into him on a train many years after leaving Truro School, yes he still remembered me and we had a lovely chat.

This sad loss has come at the time of my own personal sadness, with my own dad passing just a week after, and at his service I noticed Mr Dodd’s was happening the same morning.

I know now too, what it’s like to lose a father, and you are all in my thoughts.

To paraphrase Terry Pratchett, we are never truly gone until all the ripples we started have faded away. Mr Dodd’s encouragement, warmth and compassion lives on in the memories of so many ex-pupils that he will be very fondly remembered for a very long time.



A message from the family:

Helen, Angus, Janie & Tom Dodd

We are unbelievably touched and grateful for each and every one of these comments. We think he’d be sincerely happy to be remembered as a “good bloke”. Truro School was a huge part of his life and he was immensely proud of the school and all its pupils and staff. Thank you.

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