Date Posted... Dec 5th 2016



Senior Girls' Boarding Update: 5 December 2016

I think that without a doubt the third week before Christmas (in the school calendar) is one of the hardest of the year.

In boarding it is usually when people are very tired, they easily get annoyed with one another and generally get fed up with living in a small space with lots of other people. The challenge of this week is not helped by the dark evenings and the mock exams which looming just around the corner. Nonetheless, and I think for the first time since I have been in boarding at Truro School no one has allowed these challenges to get the better of them this week.

The girls enjoyed working at the Sustainability dinner on Friday – well done the Tessa, Yuki, Sasha and Jess. On Saturday the whole house got involved with decorating the rooms for Christmas and on Sunday of course we had our fantastic Boarders Christmas party. As you can imagine at such an event much food was consumed, many fun prizes were given out and huge amounts of interesting and unusual dancing occurred and not all of them on the floor of the dining hall.

As this is my last blog before Christmas I would like to wish all of our parents a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Your girls have been fantastic this term and a real pleasure to look after. I will actually be in New Zealand this Christmas so please excuse my lack of responses to emails but Miss Hargreaves will be available to pick up her emails occasionally during the festive holiday.

Just a final plea to all overseas Tier 4 visa parents, if you haven’t done already please can you email Miss Hargreaves you daughter’s travel arrangements as soon as possible.

Thank you and a Very Happy Christmas to you all.
Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding