Date Posted... Nov 21st 2016



Senior Girls' Boarding Update: 21 November

As I sit in my office and reflect on the week unusually the first two things that come to mind are not school related at all.  The first is the weather as I am sure that it has rained heavily in Truro every day, and the second is that Primark has opened in town and the girls seem to have gone into a shopping frenzy.  We have collected at least ten brown Primark bags from the common room during this weekend alone.

AS these two factors do seem to have dominated the week I thought that it might be quite important that we also indulge in a little culture this weekend.  Most of the boarders were therefore given the unique and incredible opportunity of learning to play in a Gamelan music group.

Gamelan is the traditional music of Bali, Indonesia and is made up of percussion instruments, the most common being metallophones. It was an amazing experience and the music that the boarders created was wonderful.

The week ahead is also an exciting one as we prepare for the build up to Christmas.  The school play begins tomorrow ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ – so if you haven’t got your tickets yet you will need to ring the school office as quickly as possible.  Many of our boarders are participating in it and I am sure it is going to be a fantastic performance.

Finger crossed for the week ahead and let’s hope the weather improves so that we can get back outside and once again enjoy our beautiful Cornish surroundings.

Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding