Date Posted... Nov 14th 2016



Senior Girls' Boarding Update – 14 November


We welcome back the students this week after a lovely half term break. Although the temperatures have dropped and many of the leaves have shed on the Truro School campus, Malvern boarding house is warm and cosy. Anna has even bought herself a onesie this weekend!  

This weekend the girls have been working very hard for their A Levels completing various class notes, extra reading and revision posters. We have also had a lot of fun and a chance to relax with discos, baking and shopping. 

Friday night saw the junior disco at Truro Senior School where some of the 6th form students volunteered to assist to help raise money for the Uganda trip 2017. It was so successful the 6th form even decided to have a dance towards the end!

On Saturday the girls enjoyed going in to town to shop at the new Primark that has opened on Lemon Quay. The girls tell me it is very big and very busy at the moment. If they did not managed to get the full shopping fix or Christmas presents sorted we have arranged a trip to Plymouth where we will also see the Christmas lights. All boarders are welcome to join me on this trip. While the girls were out I baked some brownies which were enjoyed hot and gooey on their return. 

Sunday was the day of the roller disco in Redruth. Although we were not sure what to expect it turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon, albeit exhausting or at least I was exhausted. Toni whizzed around the rink while others practised standing up, myself included. 

This evening the girls are finishing off their prep, although most are now downstairs watching the new “I am a celebrity get me out of here” which they tell me is pretty funny. 

Overall a productive and fun weekend.  

Miss Hargreaves