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Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog: 9 June 2019

Malvern House Blog (Friday 7th June – Sunday 9th June 2019)

The second half of the Summer term began in earnest on Monday morning and it was great to welcome the girls back following the half term break. All were on good form and reported a productive week of exam revision. GCSE and A Level exams have come thick and fast with all the 5th and U6th girls making their way into the exam hall at some point this week. The house has, understandably, been very quiet and studious with the girls taking their revision seriously and helping to support and help each other. One event we definitely couldn’t let pass without marking, was Head of House Jemma’s 18th birthday! Tuesday morning roll call was given over to singing and candle blowing out before the girls headed off together for a birthday breakfast in the dining hall. Poor Jemma had to wait for any further celebrations as the small matter of an A Level Economics exam was awaiting her in the Sports Hall. Some of the girls did come together later that evening and celebrated over a Dominoes feast though, and it was great to see Jemma enjoying her special day.

This week has gifted us some awful and very un-summer like weather. Whilst this has made revision a bit easier, with less temptation to enjoy some sunshine instead, we are hoping the sun will re-appear at some point soon. Not least to enjoy the newly refurbished courtyard area that the workmen started transforming over the half term break and finished amidst the rain this week. I cannot wait to make use of the area when the sun does put in an appearance! The gardeners are currently discussing flowers and giving the area a colour burst too; watch this space!


With the stresses of next week anticipated, the weekend activity had a relaxation and mindfulness focus and the girls enjoyed a yoga session in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre at around midday. The girls, as always, threw themselves into it and it was great to see them stop, come away from their books and catch their breath…a couple of them even fell asleep!!! The pictures below will give you a sense of the afternoon and I am sure you will agree the girls look like they really enjoyed it.


After an hour of relaxation and having focused on their breathing, the girls went back to the house feeling refreshed, energised and ready for another study session. Malvern was quiet for the most part of the afternoon and it wasn’t until supper time that the girls surfaced again.

Further study was completed after supper and then the girls congregated, as usual, for their Saturday evening social and snacks! It was great to hear lots of laughter as the girls enjoyed each other’s company, took some time out and tucked into the fresh fruit, smoothies, nachos, garlic bread and ice-creams, as organised by Leanne.

On Saturday lies in were taken advantage of by some whilst others opted for an early start and a study session before brunch. Helena and Lowenna headed off for morning services at the Cathedral, some of the girls visited the gym and the rest of the day was spent revising by all. The house computer room and the library were taken advantage of and the girls worked hard for the most part of the day.

This evening the girls have enjoyed a roast belly of pork supper with bonus Cornettos, choc ices and magnums for pudding, and are now back in house sorting and preparing for the week ahead.

Looking ahead to the coming week, the L6th will join the rest of the house on ‘study leave’ and the whole school will be ‘off timetable’ for the duration of the week to allow for internal exams across the subject areas to be sat.

At the end of the week Codi will depart for Slovenia and her Duke of Edinburgh gold expedition and we will say goodbye to Erin who will be leaving us having completed all of her GCSE exams.

Next weekend Miss Jackson will be providing duty support and there is a joint junior/senior girls trip to Falmouth by train planned. Hopefully the sun will come out and the girls can stock up on some vitamin D.

As mentioned in the blog before the half term break, the boarding community will come together the weekend after next to participate in this year’s Rainbow Run in Newquay. Aiming to collectively raise £300+ for Children’s Hospice South West the girls will join forces with the boarders from Pentreve, Poltisco and Trennick and run, jog, walk or cartwheel their way around the 5km course at RAF St Mawgan whilst being pelted with coloured paint. If you would like to help support the boarders in their quest, please follow the link below to our Just Giving fundraising page. Any donations would be gratefully received.

With the end in sight for the 5th years and U6th’s sitting exams I have contacted you regarding travel details for the end of term. Thank you to those of you that have returned the completed form. Please can I remind you of the urgency in this request, particularly if your daughter is leaving before the end of term on Friday 5th July, with staggered departure dates the end of the Summer term is always more complicated and with this in mind I would appreciate the details as soon as possible please.

Until next week, goodnight from a quiet, studious yet calm and in control Malvern House. Let’s hope it stays this way!


Mrs Sarah Mulready (Housemistress, Girls Boarding)