Date Posted... Oct 8th 2018



Senior Girls' Boarding Blog: 8 October

For the first time this term, (or possibly ever!) this week has been a fairly quiet and one in Malvern, and with half term just around the corner it has been a chance for the girls to wind down and settle into a quieter routine.

However, the week has still be punctuated with lots of special achievements by the Malvern girls, and a lot of things to be very proud of.

On Tuesday, Charlotte organised a screening of a French film “les Intouchables” in the Burrell Theatre after school. The film was a great choice by Charlotte. Based on a true story, the film is about two men — one rich and uptight and the other poor and exuberant— who become best friends in spite of their differences. Charlotte’s showing was in French with English subtitles and 5th, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth pupils were invited. It was enjoyed by everyone and was a great success – well done Charlotte!

Continuing the successes of our Upper Sixth girls, Jemma captained the 1st XI hockey team in the Under 18 county tournament on Wednesday afternoon. Despite tough opposition and a demanding afternoon of hockey the team finished 2nd. Well done Jemma and the rest of the team, this is a great achievement so early in the season!

Thursday night promised to be a quieter one, but not long into the evening Anna alerted Miss Naylor to the fact that Kristina had managed to lock herself in her room! Despite the valiant efforts of the other Malvern girls (when they managed to take a short break from laughing), the duty caretaker had to be called and soon freed Kristina, to a chorus of hysterical laughter from all involved. We’re glad you’re such a good sport Kristina – you gave us a lot of amusement for the evening.

Fittingly, on Thursday evening Codi also took up taekwondo, joining a class in the Sir Ben Ainsley Sports Centre. We hope she continues to enjoy it, and we know who to call if anyone gets stuck in their room again!

On Friday evening it was Helena’s turn to fly the flag for the Malvern girls as she performed at the Concerto Concert in St Agnes. This is one of the highlights of the school’s musical calendar, and a fantastic chance to show how much work Helena and the other school performers put into their concertos and other performances.

Whilst Helena was performing in St Agnes the rest of the house got ready for a busy Saturday open morning. The girls were all involved in the open morning, with some helping out in their subject departments and others giving tours to prospective pupils and parents who had come to see the school. It’s lovely to see how keen the girls were to be involved, despite losing their Saturday morning lie in! The open day was a huge success despite the rain, with the boarders really showcasing how great our pupils are.

Sunday was a quieter day for most of the house, except for Codi and Leanne who were busy again with a Gold Duke of Edinburgh preparation day. They spent the day learning essential skills such as cooking and putting up a tent before they head off to Bodmin in half term and eventually Slovenia for their expedition. It’s safe to say Codi and Leanne were two of the first in bed on Sunday after a busy weekend!

The Sunday activity for the rest of the Malvern girls was a trip to the cinema in Truro to see a film of their choice, which was a nice chance for the girls to get together and unwind before the week ahead. Some chose to see Venom, the new Marvel film, whilst the others went to see Crazy Rich Asians. I look forward to your film reviews next week!

Keep up the good work girls, it’s been a pleasure to note down all the fantastic things you’ve been getting up to!