Date Posted... Mar 5th 2018



Senior Girls' Boarding Blog – 5 March

What an exciting week we have had here in Truro. The incredible weather has meant two snow days at school followed by a lot of excitement and fun outside.

The ‘Beast from the East’ struck on Wednesday just before break time and with students coming from far and wide and the Met Office sending out a weather warning the best bet was to be send home. Luckily we were including the boarders as it became treacherous on Thursday.

However, all signs of snow had disappeared by Saturday morning and we just had the standard Cornish heavy rain all day. However, we know that some parts of Cornwall and the rest of the country are still quite snowy and we are hoping everyone has stayed safe and warm inside!

Hailey has been away visiting universities this week and Hannah has a European fencing competition this weekend so we are looking to hearing from them both and seeing some photos too!

On Saturday we decided that nothing would be better than a delicious hubbox meal in town followed by some bowling. Carolin won 1st place in our bowling competition – the scores don’t lie.

In the evening Carolin kindly put together all the snacks we had bought and laid them out a beautiful arrangement – very artistic!

Sunday has been used to catch up on missed work, enjoy using the gym and heading in to town to pick up bits and pieces now all the shops are open and everything is running back to normal. No doubt the school will be a buzz with snow pictures and news on Monday morning!

Finally, a big well done to our Upper Sixth students who have just finished a long week of mock exams. Jess, Emma, Chloe (both!), Nicolette, Hailey, Polina et al have done a sterling job and worked very hard indeed.

A very exciting week had by all.

Goodnight from Malvern.