Date Posted... Nov 26th 2018



Senior Girls' Boarding Blog: 26 November

It’s been a very busy and creative week in Malvern!

The week started on a high as we celebrated Tulip’s 17th birthday! This brought with it the usual cake and decorations and tuneful happy birthday in the morning – we a hope you had a lovely day Tulip!

On Wednesday the girls went to see the ‘City of Lights’ parade in Truro, and although it was a chilly evening, we all thoroughly enjoyed the display.

The city of lights is an annual spectacle, which is now in its 22nd year and marks the start of the countdown to Christmas in Truro. There is a procession which includes music, dance and lanterns made by schools and community groups, along with some giant artist made lanterns. Every year the lanterns are inspired by a theme, which this year was was ‘Remember’, marking the centenary of the end of the First World War. The Prep pupils started our own school’s procession with small dove lanterns, with the senior students following with their incredible large angel lantern.

The girls also got to enjoy watching the Christmas lights being switched on by the town crier which made us all feel very festive! This also marks the start of Christmas late night shopping in Truro which I’m sure many of the girls are very excited about!

However, the most notable piece of news from this week has to be the school performances of West Side Story. Helena, Lowenna and Sophie all played a part in the whole school production, which blew away the audience. The rehearsals began back in September 2017 and the actors, actresses, musicians and tech teams have been hard at work ever since working towards the amazing production. There were 6 performances, beginning on Tuesday night and going through until the finale which the Malvern girls all went to watch on Saturday night. It was a truly amazing performance by everyone involved, and it was wonderful for the Malvern girls to watch their house members in the final performance. Helena sung a beautiful solo of ‘Somewhere’, Lowenna played Anita, and Sophie performed in the orchestra.

The girls are exhausted after their efforts, but judging by the buzz surrounding their post-performance Nutella toast and hot chocolate in the house common room, they are also delighted to have been a part of such a special performance. Well done girls!

The weekend also saw the continuation of the house chess games, as the search for the house chess champion goes on. The chess boards have been in full action most of the week, and Helena and Sophie even managed to fit a game in after a double performance of West Side Story.

Sunday was hopefully slightly more restful for the girls, but still included a lesson in how to make pizzas from scratch in the wonderful new cookery school. This was probably an opportunity not to be missed by some of our girls who earlier in the week thought they would be able to make pot noodles in the kettle…

The girls learned how to make and kneed pizza dough, prep toppings, cook a delicious tomato base and then layer up their chosen toppings before baking them in the ovens and enjoying them back in Malvern. Crucially the girls also got a lesson on how to clear up and clean after their cooking so there should be no more excuses for skipping kitchen duty in the house..! If the pizzas tasted half as good as they smelled the girls were in for a treat!

Well done on such a busy week girls!