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Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog: 19 May 2019

Malvern House Blog (Friday 17th May – Sunday 19th May)

Welcome to the last blog of the first half of the Summer term! Wow! I cannot believe the academic year has only six weeks remaining; it really does seem like only yesterday that the girls pitched up for the induction week back in September.

With the 5th year beginning study leave on Monday and the exams coming thick and fast there has been a very studious feel about the house, and indeed the school in general, this week.

Weather-wise, we were gifted some beautiful weather early on in the week and the girls made the most of studying outside and getting some important vitamin D!

Friday was a fairly nostalgic day in Malvern. The leavers celebration day for the U6th seemed to have crept up on us and the, rather short, old school uniforms that were worn to morning roll call, really bought it home that another ‘end of an era’ is approaching at bottle neck speed. For me, as Head of Girls Boarding and Malvern Housemistress, this is the first group of boarders I have seen through the two years of 6th form. Quiet naively I approached Friday much like any other day but in reality it quickly felt strange to be beginning to think about them moving on to the next stage of their adventure. There was a real mixture of emotions but I definitely looked on with pride as Jemma, Cherry, Hannah, Lisha and Sophie enjoyed their leavers day celebrations, service and BBQ with their friends, both day and boarding. I have even managed to pinch some of the professional photos (where I really enjoyed playing spot the Malvern boarder) that were taken; hopefully these will give those of you unable to be here a flavour of what the day entailed.


On Friday evening, it was back to business as usual. The weekly boarders departed for home, Sophie and Winke performed with the Chamber Orchestra and Meg, Lowenna and Cherry attended the Burrell Theatre production of There’s no F in Jonathan. The rest of the girls spent time studying before heading up to the SBASC for some gym and/or badminton.

On Saturday, lie ins were taken advantage off (particularly by the U6th who had, in some cases it transpires, had a very early start the day before) before brunch and then the weekends main activity: Go Karting at St Eval; an all senior boarders trip!


Although clearly nervous, having not driven before, the girls really went for it and had a lot of fun whizzing around the track. A couple of hours of karting fun later, and with the in between sunbathing opportunities having been made the most of, we headed back via a McDonalds pitstop!

Back at school and the sun had really started to come out; so much so that some of the girls even decided to take their supper onto the front terrace to eat!


After supper an extra hour or two of study was squeezed in before the evening social, watching the Eurovision Song Contest, was enjoyed. Having been handed a shopping list earlier that day I dutifully visited Tesco for fruit, garlic bread, ice creams, nachos and chicken supplies. The girls congregated in the common room with Anna’s handmade league table to keep score and a lovely evening was had by all.

The other big TV news on Saturday was the choristers, and our very own Lowenna, appearing on Britain’s Got Talent! WOW, they were amazing! Four yeses, a standing ovation and through to the next stage with outstanding comments of ‘absolutely stunning’, ‘beautiful’, ‘special’ and ‘fantastic’ from judges David, Alisha, Amanda and Simon!

If you missed the performance; I am hoping this link will work and take you there…



On Sunday, longer lie ins were available but the girls were generally up early and making the most of a full day with no plans. Books were hit hard and a lot of studying, both inside and outside took place.

After supper the weekly boarders started to filter back in and the house was soon buzzing once again; the usual end of a weekend gossip and catch up session unfolded and the laundry, bed stripping and planning for the week ahead ritual followed. With lots of exams, both GCSE and A Level, in the coming week the house fell quiet with the girls opting for early-ish nights.

I wish all the girls a happy and productive half term break when it arrives on Friday; for those travelling home I wish them a safe journey and for those staying with host families nearby I hope that you have a great week too. When we return there will only be five weeks left of the academic year. Whilst the exams, both internal and external, will preoccupy us for the first three weeks there is light at the end of the tunnel and much to look forward to.  The 5th year prom, the Summer ball, sports day, World Aims week and of course Prize Day on Friday 5th July will round the year of perfectly and hopefully the sun will return and we will get to the beach in the evenings and at the weekends.

One of the weekend activities towards the end of the term will see the boarders turn charity minded when they participate in the Rainbow Run, a 5km run, jog or cartwheel their way around the old airfield at RAF St Mawgan whilst being pelted with powder paint. This is an event we have supported on a number of occasions in the past (see picture below) and one that is thoroughly enjoyed by all. If you would like to sponsor the boarders, please follow this link the link to their Just Giving Fundraising page.

I hope you have a great week and I look forward to welcoming the girls back again on Sunday 2nd June!


Sarah Mulready

(Housemistress, Girls Boarding)