Date Posted... Jan 15th 2018



Senior Girls' Boarding Blog – 15 January

What a great week it has been with lots of busy students in Malvern!

Hannah has been away since Thursday (very early in morning) at a fencing competition and we are all looking forward to hearing about how it went.

Anson and Helena have been up early and at school for their GCSE rehearsals over the weekend. They have been working hard to finalise their drama performance and have been in costume. We are hoping they will give us a preview tonight and are looking forward to going to watch the pieces once they are finished on Thursday.

Sasha, a student here last year, came and surprised the girls with a visit on Friday evening. She had just finished her first set of exams and had a few days spare to come down to Cornwall and catch up with everyone. It was great hearing about how university is going and sharing all her news. We are so proud of her and all she has achieved at university in the first term!

On Saturday night, we enjoyed making our own homemade smoothies with a huge variety of fresh fruit and veg. The girls picked out ingredients they fancied so each one was bespoke… it ended up with all the girls being taste testers. The classic banana and strawberry was the winner having consumed several glasses each. Not only was it smoothies but very cheesy nachos made my Cherry and Sophie, a variety of pizzas and profiteroles were of offer.

Then Sunday rolled around and we enjoyed having a spa day in Malvern boarding house. We got the junior and senior girls together and they picked out various different face masks, foot masks, nail art and polish to enjoy. They treated each other to some relaxing treatments with cooling cucumber eye patches (no photos of this though I’m afraid).

Nail art on fingers and toes, healthy delicious snacks and dips thanks to Miss Broadhurst and the fancy foot spas came out. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon and we started to think of where we would like to go for our meal out in a fortnight’s time. I think it may be HubBox……. Delicious.

Best wishes from all of us at Malvern.

Miss Hargreaves