Date Posted... Sep 10th 2018



Senior Girls' Boarding Blog: 10 September

Welcome to the second Malvern House blog of the term!

With the girls settling in and getting fully immersed in school life, it’s hard to believe we’ve only been back for a week. The Upper Sixth are working hard on their personal statements, and everyone is already very busy during prep. Well done girls! The returning boarders have been excellent at showing the new joiners the ropes, and it’s lovely to see the house coming together as a real little community as everyone gets to know one another.

The birthdays are also continuing to come thick and fast, with Thursday marking our second birthday girl, Anna’s 16th (and an excuse for the rest of us to enjoy more cake!).

The rest of the school week soon passed, with the girls continuing full days of their lessons, and getting to know the system of laundry, games, bedtime and other essentials before the start of the weekend.

After we had said goodbye to our weekly boarders and Hannah who went away to an exciting fencing camp for the weekend, the girls has a quiet Friday before the weekend kicked off in full swing.

On Saturday morning after brunch the girls met up with the junior boarders from Pentreve and went bowling in Truro. Shoed up and ready to go, we certainly discovered some hidden bowling talents as the girls got the hang of it (spectacularly showing up Mr Webb from Pentreve, a supposed bowling expert). It was a great opportunity for the girls to get to know the younger boarders, and nice to see everyone getting along so well and forging friendships over nachos and other treats.

On Saturday evening, some of the girls teamed up with a few of the senior boys from Trennick to see a film of their choice at the local cinema – once again showing they were made of tougher stuff than the boys, who came back much more terrified than the girls who described the thriller as ‘funny’! I’m sure the boys will get over their embarrassment soon.

After the girls returned we welcomed back returning Upper Sixth boarder Sophie, and settled into another feast night with chocolate treats and ice cream all round.

The week ahead is fast approaching, and will be the girl’s first full week of lessons and extra-curricular activities. I am confident that they will take it all in their stride and have a fantastic week.