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Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog: 1 April 2019

Malvern House Blog (Friday 29th March – Sunday 1st April 2019)

The girls have been on fine form this week and again it has been a busy one! With the stormy weather a distant memory it seems that spring has finally sprung properly (I really hope I do not live to rue those words!) and we have enjoyed blue skies and our first BBQ of the year!

The week begun with a new face in Malvern as we welcomed Scarlett as a flexi boarder for the night; it is always lovely to have extra people in Malvern and we hope Scarlett enjoyed her time with us; we are looking forward to her returning over the coming term.

Also on Monday, having been tasked with the challenge of thinking up some creative ways of integrating the two girls houses the L6th prefects visted Pentreve after prep. The meeting seemed to go brilliantly with the girls mingling and getting to know each other whilst chewing the fat over some possible integrative ideas….the Easter bunny has apprently been tasked with egg shopping for a combnined hunt next week! Lets hope he gets the memo…

On Tuesday, Leanne and Lowenna attended the Oxbridge Open Event at Truro College and both reported it to be a really useful and informative morning. The house council met on Tuesday evening too and I really enjoyed the mature way in which Jemma chaired, and Amy, Tulip and Cherry fed into the meeting; the girls articulated themselves very well and presented the views of their housemates in a measured way.

On Wednesday, Sopie, Winkie, Lowenna and Helena performed at the St Petrocs Concert in Bodmin and on Thursday I really enjoyed watching Codi’s passion for bringing sustainability to the boarding houses pick up momentum. After a couple of informal discussions over the last couple of weeks it was great to help move this forwards and to sit in on a meeting between Codi and the Operations Manager, Mr Fraser, on Thursday morning. Having been tasked with designing a poster and putting in a Malvern order for recycling bins and kitchen caddy’s I am looking forward to watching this develop and then feed into the wider community next term and next year….watch this space!

The weekend arrived and was welcomed by all on Friday at 3.45pm. The weekly boarders departed for home and Codi boarded the minibus bound for Dartmorr and a Duke of Edinbourgh training expedition. A jacket potato super was enjoyed and then the girls settled to an hour of prep before gathering in the common room to try out the new Wii game, Super SmashBros…not before a battery hunt however. Winkie, Tulip, Cherry and Tung spent an hour or so in the SBA and all was quite come 10.30pm and lights off!

On Saturday and with the sun still shining Sophie headed out ealy to the gym whilst the rest of house enjoyed lie ins. A hearty brunch was enjoyed and with the day set to be a free day for all, the girls busied themselves with homework (outside in some cases) and visited twon/Tescos and the gym.

After supper and with the sun still shining Miss Jackson and I joined forces to debut the girls boarding BBQ, complete with fancy utensils and copius burgers, sausages, chicken, garlic bread(!), bananas stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow smores. Whilst waiting paitiently fo the food to cook, or burn in some cases, the girls enjoyed garden Twister, badminton and bank rolling! It was great to have all the girls together and to see them making the most of the garden area that we are so lucky to have!

When it was too dark to see we retreated indoors with half the house opting for Mulan whilst the other half spent the evening playing the new PS4 game, Overcooked!

After brunch on Sunday we headed to Carn Brea and Wheal Buller Riding School for an hour and a half hack in the countryside. I am sure you will agree, looking at the pictures below, the girls had a great time, overcome some nerves and enjoyed the sunny weather.

Once back in the house the toastie machine was put to good use and the girls had a couple of hours relaxing before supper.

Tonight they are completing homework, sorting laundry and generally getting themselves ready for the morning.

The week ahead will comprise mostly of packing and organising fo the Easter break; that said there are many other things to fit in to! The 5th years will parctipate in an ‘The Only Way is Ethics’ conference on Tuesday and Sophie and Tulip will spend the day at Newquay Zoo doing some important research for their Psychology studies. The spring concert will see many of the Malvern girls performing on Thursday evening and before we know it it will be Friday and the whole school will come together for an end of term service in Truro Methodist Church!

Sadly we have to say goodbye to Sophie next week; we wish hewr well in her studies back in Germany and hope that she will keep in touch! She will be really missed and I couln’t resit but find some of her best moments to send her on her way. I hope she enjoys the collage at the end of this blog.

Before I sign off, I would like to wish you all, a very happy Easter; I hope you enjoy having the girls at home for a couple of weeks and I hope it will be a restful and relaxing but productive break.

Until the Summer term, from Malvern, goodnight!

Mrs Sarah Mulready (Housemistress, Girls Boarding)