Date Posted... Jan 30th 2017



Senior Boys' Boarding Update: 30 January 2017

The highlight of this week was an informal cookery lesson from Mrs. Copeland in the Trennick kitchen on Friday evening. Spaghetti Bolognese was on the menu and several students enjoyed preparing the cooking the meal, especially Darryl who assumed the role of head chef and Josh, his assistant. Some students timed their arrival into the kitchen to perfection arriving at the point of serving but all enjoyed a large heap of spaghetti accompanied with garlic bread! It is hoped that the boys will enjoy the use of the kitchen more over the next few months and the Upper Sixth boys will leave school with a few recipes up their sleeves. Ethan, Ayobami and Alec were very helpful on Sunday evening clearing out some unused and old kitchen utensils, tidying up the cupboards and running a cutlery amnesty while finding kitchen implements left in rooms!


Saturday was a beautiful afternoon several students were involved in some hard fought football matches against Millfield. It was a great pleasure watching Dan, Simon, Ayobami and Josh play with such great determination against a school which plays football for two terms. Fahed, Alfie and Andrey travelled away to represent the Under 16s and reports from the Under 16 coach indicated that they all put in solid performances.


Continuing the war-gaming Sunday activity theme the boys enjoyed a trip to lazerquest. With outdoor options limited by the Cornish rain the boys managed to burn off some energy indoors. Mr. Lawrence was especially pleased with his team as they came first on the score board.


On Sunday evening the boarders enjoyed a truly excellent Chinese feast in the dining room to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The dining room had been decorated beautifully by Ms. Hargreaves and a team of students and a great meal was enjoyed by all.