Date Posted... Mar 14th 2017



Senior Boys' Boarding Update: 13 March 2017

The theme of avoiding distractions of the phone, laptop and internet during evening prep continued this week. Mr. Jeff Kitto, the Assistant Housemaster, promoted good practice. The approach is one of education and of getting the students themselves to recognise the potential distractions and to improve self-responsibility and self-motivation in achieving the goals that they themselves have set. Perhaps the best example of this is Tristan who has given up his smartphone and laptop for the months of March, April, May and June while he needs to prepare and revise for his A-level exams.

On Tuesday the Upper Sixth were welcomed into Mr and Mrs Copeland’s apartment where they enjoyed some pizzas and a break from the boarding house. Maintaining an adult conversation and showing a genuine positive interest in others’ is one of the vital life skills that the boys need to develop, especially in the age of smartphones and computer games. It is hoped that these boys can leave Trennick with the ability to charm everyone from the Queen to the street-sweeper.

On Saturday was another football fixture against Taunton School. Josh, Simon, Fahed, Callum and Alfie made the long journey but all returned having enjoyed themselves. Perhaps the highlight was Josh scoring in a 6-0 victory.

The boys requested a trip to the cinema and a meal out on Sunday – they watched Kong or Logan and then enjoyed a meal in Truro’s finest burger restaurant. The students from Poltisco – the Junior Boys’ House came and it is great to see so many friendships develop between the senior and junior boys. Mr. Lawrence also came along and the Trennick students always enjoy seeing him again.