Date Posted... May 22nd 2017



Senior Boys' Boarding Blog Update: 22 May 2017

This has been a quieter week in Trennick due to the increased focus on academic studies – the exam season has recently kicked in. The 5th Year students began their study leave and have taken on more responsibility for managing their own time. At morning roll call they have been planning their day and dividing it up between studying in the library, attending lessons or clinics, or visiting the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre. So far they have all adapted well and shown good levels of self organisation.

The outdoor table tennis which the boys have borrowed from Pentreve remains popular and well used. On a balmy Sunday evening as this blog is written the sounds of Darryl beating Alec come through the window of the house office.

Saturday morning consisted of the regular revision club in the library – the students who have signed up for this club have impressed with their improved work ethic and self-motivation. They have adopted a good habit of going through many past papers.

The boys went shopping on Saturday afternoon for the regular evening pizzas. They were given a budget of £100 and had to work together to buy food and drinks for everyone but stick within a budget. Led well by Alec who assumed charge of the shopping trolley they managed to by £98.48 worth of food! Fahed and Cyrus took a lead role in cooking the pizzas in the house kitchen and it was pleasing to see several boys volunteer to help Simon complete his kitchen clean up duty.

On Sunday afternoon we returned to the beach which is a real treat. The opportunities for watersports in Cornwall are second to none and it was fantastic to see Ethan, Jay, Ayobami, Fahed and Dom enjoy their surfing lesson. Tristan, Andrey and a few of the others enjoyed their time playing football on the beach.

An exciting evening is on the horizon for next week – on Wednesday is the boarders charity concert followed by a BBQ at Pentreve.

Boys' Boarding at Truro School
Boys' Boarding at Truro School, Cornwall, UK.