Date Posted... Sep 25th 2019




Senior Boys’ Boarding Blog

On Tuesday the school basketball team had their first fixture against Mount Kelly. Ries, Trevor, Lorenzo, Matija and Ryan all played for the team and enjoyed a relatively easy 57-45 victory. Basketball remains a popular option with the boarders and it is good to see so many playing on a Wednesday and Friday evening as part of the boarders’ evening activities.

The first boarders’ chapel service was held on Wednesday evening. Rev. Aubyn de Gruchy, the school chaplain, is very fond of the boarding community and takes a keen interest in the boarders’ well-being. During the service he gave a great practical demonstration with some sting being thrown around of how we are all interconnected and linked. It certainly gave some of the boarders food for thought.

Also on Wednesday evening, some of the boys involved in drama such as Cam and Alex went to the school drama production of Butterbum J. This was performed by the group of drama students who performed the play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This weekend saw our new boarders experience some “proper” Cornish rain. With the weather forecast not looking pretty we decided to postpone our trip to Trellisick National Trust Gardens and instead go ten pin bowling. On leaving school and getting to the main road the sky opened and we got soaked and played the ‘how many boys can get under Mr Hatfield’s umbrella’. Dan scored very well at bowling getting over 120 points. Simon went to Exeter to play hockey this week and increased his goal tally yet again. William continues to enjoy the Cornish coastline from the water now that he has brought his own boat to Cornwall. Matija is still trying to beat Mr Hatfield at pool and he’s getting closer! Whereas Lorenzo did beat Mr Hatfield, or did Mr Hatfield let Lorenzo win?! Ries, the duty prefect for the week organised a monopoly and Pizza night on Saturday evening that went well. It is good to see that some old-fashioned board games remain popular!

Mr. Tom Hatfield, Resident Tutor