Date Posted... Apr 30th 2019




Senior Boys' Boarding Blog: 28 April 2019

Trennick Blog 28 April

It has been lovely to welcome the boys back to Trennick and to hear of good time spent with family over Easter. This term is always a short one, but also frantically busy! Weekends sometimes feel like a chance to draw breath and it is a good opportunity for the boys to catch up on homework and revision. We feel that it is just as important for the boys to take a chance to clear their heads, get away from the school and enjoy some leisure time.

Toony was in charge of this weekend’s entertainment, ordering pizza, soft drinks and ice lollys for everyone. For Saturday’s entertainment, Toony organised a Poker tournament for all of the boys with the winner being able to spend 10 pounds on food or amazon next weekend. The match was keenly contested, with the incentive of a prize ensuring that everyone played with care! After several hours Cam was declared the overall winner and will get to enjoy his prize next weekend.

Sunday saw us join up with the Junior boys of Poltisco house to visit the beautiful fishing town of Porthleven for their annual food festival. There was an amazing array of food and drink on offer from all corner’s of the world. The boys were particularly impressed with the tasters of local Cornish products available. It was great to spend a couple of hours by the sea and everyone came back fuller than they left! The rest of Sunday was used as a chance to get caught up and prepared for the week ahead.

Jeff Kitto