Date Posted... Jan 21st 2019



Senior Boys' Boarding Blog: 21 January 2019

It has been an exciting weekend for the boys who have been in the house.

Saturday saw Simon off to play hockey – this clearly wasn’t enough for him as he then went and represented Cornwall on Sunday, losing narrowly. The weekend weather was sunshine and showers , many of the boys took the opportunity to head in to town and enjoy some time away from the school. On Saturday we hosted our own version of the Ryder Cup, with the boys creating some crazy golf courses to be played in the house. A few broken clubs and lost balls did not detract from the fun, with Anthony being particularly creative!

Sunday morning started slowly with most boarders enjoying the chance to lie in and relax. Sunday brunch was very much in order to prepare for the weekend activity – “Bubble Football”. This involved the boys getting into large, inflatable bubble suits and then playing a game of football in the sports hall. Watching this was hilarious! I’m not sure how many times the football was actually kicked, most boys seemed determined to run into each other at full pace. Having the Senior girls playing at the same time certainly doubled the fun! Ollie, Theon and Max put in some incredible hits with other players being thrown into the air. Fortunately the protective bubbles did their job and nobody was injured!

Sunday evening saw a quiet hour where everybody prepared for the week ahead and took some much needed rest. The bubble football certainly did it’s job – I have never seen the boys so keen to go to bed!