Date Posted... Oct 2nd 2018



Senior Boys' Boarding Blog: 2 October

Last Sunday evening Ollie, Mars and Callum went to the Headmaster’s house for an evening BBQ with the other Senior Prefects.

We are lucky to have such good leaders in Trennick. They, and Justas, are doing very well in their roles as Boarding Prefects and are providing valuable leadership in areas such as the use of the house laundry room, Saturday evening social activities and Sunday afternoon trips.

On Tuesday evening many of the boys helped out in department areas during the Open Evening. This provided many of the Lower Sixth boarders with their first leadership opportunity and it was pleasing to see so many of them guiding young visitors and their families around the school and sharing their enthusiasm and passion for their chose subjects.

On Thursday evening there was much excitement in the house as the boys headed to the kitchen to help Mrs. Copeland bake some cakes ready for the Great Boarders Bake-off. The cakes were judged in the morning by the school’s Pastry Chef – Jay’s chocolate sponge cake was awarded second prize which is a great achievement given how seriously the Malvern girls take the competition.

The boys enjoyed making home-made pizzas on Saturday evening with Mr. Kitto and Mr. Webb. Mr. Webb provided a poker masterclass later in the evening – the boys enjoyed learning the game and using the poker chips to bet. Paintballing remains one of the most popular Sunday activities and was enjoyed by all.