Date Posted... Mar 13th 2018



Senior Boys' Boarding Blog: 13 March

Another busy week came to an end at Trennick with the boys working hard both inside and outside of the classroom.

This week has seen Cyrus attending a university interview, Joe attending the Model United Nations Conference, Ollie drumming for the Jazz band at the Hall for Cornwall and Callum braving the rough weather at the weekend for a Ten Tors practice, hiking and camping in the rain.


The boys in the upper sixth are knuckling down and working hard as the summer exams loom on the horizon and good use was made of the library over the weekend. Saturday was a quiet day for the boarders, with many taking the opportunity to stroll into town. Alec and myself went to Tesco to purchase the weekend food supplies and Alec, as usual, ensured the boys were well fed on Saturday night. 


On Sunday the boys were all given the chance to visit the cinema with Black Panther, Ladybird and the Shape of Water being the 3 popular film choices. The boys gave all 3 films very positive reviews. Following prep on Sunday, we enjoyed some board games and some of the boys tried their hand at (virtual) bomb defusing, with one person able to see the bomb and the others with access to the manual. This proved to be good fun and a great exercise in communication. Ethan and Alfie showed excellent descriptive skills while Marko and Ollie were excellent problem solvers. Another game played was ‘The Chameleon’ with the boys putting on their best bluffing game to avoid being caught out. It was great to see the boys enjoying themselves and so much laughter in the common room. I will definitely make board gaming a regular slot in my weekend duties!