Date Posted... Sep 26th 2016



Senior Girls' Boarding Update – 26 September

I think this week will be remembered for a week of birthdays – Alana’s, Iggy’s and of course mine!  Inevitably therefore, there have been lots of celebrations and CAKE which has been wonderful.

The girls are now beginning to get to grips with the new pattern of the day and the two week timetable is starting to feel manageable and not so confusing, although I still noticed some of our boarders heading off in one direction around school last Wednesday only to realise their class was now somewhere completely different.

Friday night was fairly quiet in the house, Sasha and I had a long chat before she went out to supper with the choristers.  Alana had a dinner out with her friends and our lovely Hong Kong girls cooked some very tasty food. On Saturday Truro’s food market was back on so most of the girls went down to sample the local cuisine. Even before I went into town I promised myself not to eat too much but by the time I got home I realised that I had clearly failed to stick to plan – the fudge was just too good. Saturday night was lovely, we invited the junior girls over for pizza and films and everyone made a lot of noise and incredibly ate even more!

Sunday was also exciting. 20 of us went horse riding up at Carn Brae.  The ponies as ever were very quiet and steady and getting out into the fresh air and country side was exactly what the girls needed.  Have a look at the photos.

It was a super weekend spent with some lovely young ladies.

Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding Sept 2016