Date Posted... Mar 27th 2017



Junior Girls' Boarding Update: 27 March 2017

I don’t think we could have packed anymore in. On Friday evening the girls made their usual trip up to the Sports Centre to play some badminton. The sunshine came on Saturday and the whole boarding community came together for the annual beach clean. We all boarded the coach and travelled to Crantock Beach on the North Coast of Cornwall. After a short talk from a representative from ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ the students were armed with their gloves and bin bags and headed in to the dunes and on to the beach. As you can see from the photos the beach is spectacular, even more so on a beautiful sunny day! I don’t think the girls could quite believe how warm it was! After an hour of collecting rubbish the students had time to have some fun on the beach! On the short walk back to the coach the girls were treated to an ice cream for all their hard work.

On Saturday afternoon some of the girls went into town while some worked hard in the computer room. As you can see Cherry was incredibly busy painting her design technology project. It was so nice to see some of the girls helping her out!

On Saturday evening, Anson and Amy decided to treat the girls to a Domino’s pizza while we prepared the nachos and chicken wings. I was a little unsure about Stephanie’s request for ‘Horribles’ until I realise that she actually asking from Haribos! It was good to have Chloe and Toni from Malvern join us.

Early on Sunday morning Helena left for the Cathedral and Paula and Anson made their way to the Methodist service in town. Straight after breakfast Miss Hargreaves and I quickly made our way down to the Pentreve garden to set up the Easter Egg Hunt. When the girls finished brunch they rushed down to the garden and were very eggcited (sorry!!) to get started. Despite some of the eggs being found straight away there is still one unaccounted for!


On Sunday afternoon we visited Flowrider which was a special request from Paula and Caroline. We all had a fantastic time as you can see from the photos!

As Caroline and Paula will be leaving us this term and will be celebrating their Birthdays when they return to Germany we decided to go out for dinner to say ‘Happy Birthday’ and good bye! We had some lovely food at ‘The Italian’ in Truro and an enjoyable evening.

So this will be the last blog of the Spring term. Amy has already left the boarding house and will be a day student this week and Caroline will leave on Tuesday. The rest of the girls will follow on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. I know that the Pentreve staff have had a great time with the girls this term, they have been a pleasure to live with! We have all been impressed with their commitment to their studies and no doubt you will see the evidence of this in their school reports. The Pentreve staff wish all the girls and their families an enjoyable and restful break and look forward to welcoming them back after the Easter holidays!

Miss Justine Hope: Assistant Housemistress, Pentreve House (Junior Girls’ Boarding)