Date Posted... Mar 13th 2017



Junior Girls' Boarding Update: 13 March 2017

It has been a very busy week in Pentreve with the girls fully committing themselves to their studies and co-curricular activities.

On Wednesday, the 4th Year drama students, Paula and Anson, performed a scene from the play ‘Skelig’, while Helena, along with some other students performed a scene from One Man, Two Governors in the Burrell Theatre. Anson performed a monologue and impressed the audience with her acting skills. It was fantastic to see that Caroline and Amy went along to support the girls. It was also a very special day and a very proud moment for Pentreve as Helena, along with the other Girl Choristers, broadcast for the first time, the choral evensong live on Radio 3 as part of the BBC’s celebrations for International Women’s Day. Helena performed a solo as part of the anthem, Deus Deus, Meus which was given huge praise by many of the listeners. I have attached the link so that you can listen to the recording:

On Friday, Anson and Paula went for a sleep over at a friend’s house who lives on a farm. They thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of country life as you can see from the photos. On Friday evening the girls both witnessed a calf being born. Amy also stayed at a friend’s house staying on both Friday and Saturday night. Not to miss any action she made sure she was back for Laser Tag on Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday the majority of the house went into town for a little bit of retail therapy! I was able to join the girls and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Helena was down at the Cathedral rehearsing for the evening performance of the world renowned St Mathew Passion by Bach.

On Saturday evening it was the senior girls turn to visit our house and as Pentreve had just invested in a smoothie maker it seemed fit to make LOTS of smoothies! As Miss Hargreaves and I cooked the customary pizzas, nachos and chicken wings, the girls beavered away in the kitchen preparing all of the fruit and vegetables. It is safe to say that the girls really enjoyed preparing (and eating) the fruit as Cherry had to remove it from the girls as she was concerned that there would be none left for the smoothies! So with banana, blueberries, mangos, strawberries the girls set to work. Chloe was in charge of the blitzing and the rest of the girls made their concoctions.

On Sunday, Helena went off excitedly to the Cathedral for the Sunday service and Amy returned from her stay away.


After a brief House meeting we all went off to Laser Tag. I was quite unsure about what to expect so I did a little bit of research and found out that each player has a laser tag gun and wears a sensor on a waistcoat. The players try to hit members of the opposing team by shooting at the other players’ sensors. After the safety brief the girls were eager to go and had devised a game plan. They were divided into two teams and then played two games.

After the first game, Long Jon (Paula) scored the highest number of points and the Red team (Anson, Stephanie, Victoria and Paula) were winning with 28700 points. The green team came back fighting in the final game winning by 650 points and the highest individual scorer was Paula with 19,650 points! The girls had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Next week the girls will be travelling up to Exeter with the whole boarding community for Clip and Climb and a little bit of shopping. Make sure you read Mrs Mulready’s blog next week to find out more!

Miss Hope: Assistant Housemistress, Pentreve House (Junior Girls’ Boarding)